COMMENTARY: The danger of using death to solve dilemmas

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Frederica Mathewes-Green is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. She is the author of the recent book”Real Choices”and is a member of the board of the National Women’s Coalition for Life and a frequent contributor to Christianity Today magazine.) (RNS)-In the aftermath of President Clinton’s veto of the partial-birth […]

NEWS STORY: Christian youth gather for two-day `Washington for Jesus’ rally

c. 1996 Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS)-Armed with picnic coolers, Bibles and”Jesus”pennants, thousands of Christian youth gathered for a”Washington for Jesus”rally at the U.S. Capitol Monday, rejoicing that they were not alone in their faith.”Sometimes I get discouraged, thinking there are not other Christians,”said Ben Blemahdoo, 16, of Calvary Gospel Church Conqueror’s Club Gospel Team, […]

COMMENTARY: Let moral renewal begin with me

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Charles W. Colson, former special counsel to Richard Nixon, served a prison term for his role in the Watergate scandal. He now heads Prison Fellowship International, an evangelical Christian ministry to the imprisoned and their families. Contact Colson via e-mail at 71421.1551(AT) (RNS)-In synagogues, churches and meeting halls across the […]

TOP STORY: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Poles look to West—not the Church—for moral guidance

c. 1996 Religion News Service KRAKOW, Poland (RNS)-It’s Friday night, and Kasia, 16, Marek, 17, and their gang are eating pizzas and drinking sodas at the Pizza Hut across from Krakow’s Baroque 17th-century Saints Peter and Paul Church, one of more than 50 in this bastion of Polish Catholicism.”Sure, I’m Catholic,”says Kasia, who has radio […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service Scholars ponder whether Shakespeare was Roman Catholic (RNS)-British scholars are discussing the possibility that William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was a”church-papist,”one who outwardly conformed to the established Protestant Church of England while secretly harboring Roman Catholic beliefs. Shakespeare wrote at the height of the Elizabethan era, named after Queen Elizabeth I, when […]

TOP STORY: DENOMINATIONS: Methodists remain divided on gays, but meeting forges ecumenical ties

c. 1996 Religion News Service (RNS)-Still divided over homosexuality but unified in seeking stronger ties with other religious bodies, the United Methodist Church’s General Conference drew to a close Friday after a series of decisions that could reshape the nation’s second-largest Protestant denomination. The subject of the role of homosexuals in the church dominated much […]

Vocal ensembles star at Dove Awards ceremony

c. 1996 Religion News Service (RNS)-Vocal ensembles-rather than individual artists-walked away with many of the the big awards Thursday night at the Dove Awards, an annual event honoring Christian music. The modern-rock group dc Talk was named Artist of the Year, and group member Toby McKeehan won Song of the Year for”Jesus Freak,”with co-writer Mark […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service U.N. human-rights panel denounces religious intolerance (RNS)-The United Nations Commission on Human Rights says it is”alarmed that serious instances of intolerance and discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief”are occurring around the world. But the resolution, adopted by consensus during the annual meeting of the 53-nation panel, did not […]

COMMENTARY: Do more than cheer for urban youths

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Rodolpho Carrasco, 28, is a writer in Pasadena, Calif., and a consultant to church groups nationwide on youth ministry and internet outreach. Contact him via e-mail at genxlatino(AT) LOS ANGELES (RNS)-Four thousand teen-age boys-black, white and Latino-burst into the L.A. Coliseum recently, to the cheers of 50,000 men. They had […]

After lapse of a generation, Cuban Jews resume religious practice

c. 1996 Religion News Service HAVANA (RNS)-Two years ago, Diana Silverstein didn’t know much about what it meant to be Jewish. Her knowledge was scant when it came to the meaning of religious holidays. She didn’t know much about kosher food. Hebrew was as foreign to her as English. But in the last two years, […]