Gospel singer CeCe Winans `excited’ about first solo tour

c. 1996 Religion News Service (RNS)-Christian singer CeCe Winans has shared most of her recording career with her brother, BeBe. She’s best known as the female half of BeBe & CeCe Winans, the decade-old brother-sister gospel/R&B team that’s become one of the most celebrated duos in pop music. And she’s the eighth of 10 children […]

COMMENTARY: A high price for honor

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Rabbi Rudin is the national interreligious affairs director of the American Jewish Committee.) (RNS)-The tragic suicide of the Navy’s top officer, Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda, raises disturbing questions about America’s love affair with the armed forces and about the meaning of the term”honor,”which is so much a part of the […]

COMMENTARY: Peace can bring out the worst in people

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Andrew M. Greeley is a Roman Catholic priest, best-selling novelist and sociologist at the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center. His home page on the World Wide Web is at http://www.greeley.com. Or contact him via e-mail at agreel(AT)aol.com.) (RNS)-Peace is tough. And there is ample evidence that the peace […]

NEWS STORY: Amnesty report: Health workers embroiled in human-rights abuses

c. 1996 Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS)-Doctors and nurses around the world have been killed or jailed by governments for refusing to participate in torture and other human-rights abuses, Amnesty International said in a report released Wednesday (May 22). The London-based human-rights organization said doctors have been coerced-sometimes by law- into assisting in amputations, inflicted […]

NEWS FEATURE: India’s Zoroastrians live and die by ancient beliefs

c. 1996 Religion News Service BOMBAY, India (RNS)-Soaring above luxury apartments in an exclusive section of Bombay, vultures swoop toward the Parsi Towers of Silence on Malabar Hill. It is time for another”burial”at the”vultures cemetery.” Parsis, Indian followers of the ancient faith of Zoroastrianism, believe fire, earth and water are sacred. Thus they will not […]

NEWS FEATURE: Children of Holocaust survivors remember and weep

c. 1996 Religion News Service BURBANK, Calif. (RNS)-Adolf Hitler’s”final solution”focused not only on the physical extermination of Jews, but also on a nightmarish dream to wipe out all trace of Jewish life and culture. At a small hotel gathering here this past weekend (May 17-18) of about 130 Holocaust survivors and their grown children, the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service Religious, aid groups criticize Clinton’s new land mines policy (RNS)-Religious groups and humanitarian relief organizations have criticized President Clinton’s recently announced land mines policy, calling it a disappointment and too limited to save lives.”This policy does little more than reinforce the status quo,”said Julia Taft, president of InterAction, a Washington-based […]

COMMENTARY: The seductive power of little lies

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Dale Hanson Bourke is the publisher of Religion News Service and author of”Turn Toward the Wind.”) (RNS)-When I asked the taxi driver for a receipt yesterday, he handed me a blank slip.”Could you fill it out?”I asked.”Most people like to fill in their own amount,”he said, shrugging.”They pick up a […]