COMMENTARY: Church burnings inflame all manner of passions

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Frederica Mathewes-Green is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. She is the author of the recent book”Real Choices”and a frequent contributor to Christianity Today magazine.) (UNDATED) At the beginning of a summer expected to be long and hot, a shocking charge was made: Racists are burning black churches. In […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service Religious leaders oppose school prayer amendment on eve of House hearing (RNS) Leaders from several major religious groups said Monday (July 22) that a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at assuring”religious equality”is not only unnecessary but would end the historic separation of church and state.”Why, if it’s not broke, are some […]

TOP STORY: BUSINESS ETHICS: Global business environment makes it hard to be ethical

c. 1996 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Nike Inc. says it can’t prevent Asian subcontractors from employing young children. Yet U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich leads an effort to ban soccer balls, including Nike’s, stitched by boys and girls in Pakistan. Columbia Sportswear Co. says it shouldn’t be judged for its partnership with a firm partially […]

COMMENTARY: Could this be the Republican crack-up?

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Charles W. Colson, former special counsel to Richard Nixon, served a prison term for his role in the Watergate scandal. He now heads Prison Fellowship International, an evangelical Christian ministry to the imprisoned and their families. Contact Colson via e-mail at 71421.1551(AT) (UNDATED) It is tempting to say that Bob […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service Robertson says Dole’s running mate must oppose abortion (RNS) Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has said that Bob Dole will lose to President Clinton in November unless the likely Republican standard bearer selects an anti-abortion, social conservative as his vice presidential running mate. In a Washington Times interview conducted Thursday (July […]

NEWS STORY: Attorney: Christian Coalition didn’t address money allegations

c. 1996 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The attorney for the Christian Coalition’s suspended chief financial officer said Friday (June 19) that his client reported allegations of financial irregularities to federal authorities only after organization executives failed to give a”proper response”to her concerns. Judy Liebert _ who has been the Christian Coalition’s top financial official for […]

COMMENTARY: There’s no place quite like Ireland

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Andrew M. Greeley is a Roman Catholic priest, best-selling novelist and a sociologist at the University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center. His home page on the World Wide Web is at Or contact him via e-mail at agreel(AT) (UNDATED) There was a pogrom last week in Northern Ireland. […]

Pentecostal group gives women ministers added authority

c. 1996 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The Rev. Catherine Payne has traveled the globe, representing the Church of God of Prophecy and preaching in pulpits from India to Bulgaria to Ukraine. But wherever Payne preached, she could not baptize converts, officiate at Holy Communion services or perform weddings. However, thanks to an historic vote taken […]