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c. 1996 Religion News Service Jesus seminar to discuss its future at upcoming meeting (RNS) For more than a decade, the Jesus Seminar _ a group of religion and biblical scholars that has popularized the scholarly search for the historical Jesus _ has deconstructed the text of the New Testament Gospels in an attempt to […]

COMMENTARY: O, Jerusalem: A tangle of religion and politics

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Rabbi Rudin is the national interreligious affairs director of the American Jewish Committee.) (UNDATED) The recent violence in Jerusalem is a devastating reminder of how a volatile mix of religion and politics dominates the city. Diplomats must factor this inextricable relationship into any successful peace process. Even atheists and agnostics […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service Spyridon condemns attack on Orthodox headquarters in Turkey (RNS) Archbishop Spyridon of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has condemned a grenade attack on the Istanbul, Turkey, compound of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, calling on President Clinton and political and religious leaders in the United States to join in the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1996 Religion News Service Lutherans delay joint theological declaration with Vatican (RNS) Lutherans have delayed for a year a long-awaited joint declaration with the Roman Catholic Church on a crucial doctrinal issue that would have marked a major breakthrough in ecumenical relations. Both Lutheran and Roman Catholic church officials had hoped the declaration, which […]

TOP STORY: GAY FAMILY VALUES: Gay families push for a place in the mainstream

c. 1996 Religion News Service SAN FRANCISCO _ Given the stinging rhetoric that accompanied Congress’ recent approval of the Defense of Marriage Act, it’s hard to imagine homosexual-rights activists having much reason for optimism. Signed Sept. 21 by President Clinton, the new federal law defines marriage as a contract”between one man and one woman,”and allows […]

COMMENTARY: Everyone seems to have lost touch with the soul

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Rabbi Eli Hecht is vice president of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. He is the director of Chabad of South Bay in Lomita, Calif., and has been involved in counseling and outreach programs for more than 25 years.) (UNDATED) Once a nice little girl had a slumber party. She was […]

COMMENTARY: Singing words we would never speak

c. 1996 Religion News Service (Dale Hanson Bourke is the publisher of Religion News Service and author of”Turn Toward the Wind”.) (UNDATED) A few years back, when Tipper Gore and Susan Baker launched a bipartisan mother’s campaign to label record albums, I watched from the sidelines. My children were listening to nothing racier than Raffi, […]