RNS Daily Digest

c. 1997 Religion News Service U.S. bishops protest detention of priests in Mexico (RNS) Two U.S. Roman Catholic bishops have protested the arrest and detention of two Mexican priests earlier this month, calling the incident indicative of a “pattern of official behavior that could well be described as religious persecution.” In letters to Mexican Ambassador […]

NEWS STORY: Constitutional amendment on religious freedom urged

c. 1997 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Rep. Ernest Istook, R-Okla., announced plans Monday (March 24) to introduce a newly worded amendment to the Constitution he says will protect religious expression in public places, including the nation’s public schools. Istook’s proposed amendment, supported by a consortium of conservative groups including the Christian Coalition, is the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1997 Religion News Service Public schools approve clergy broadcasts (RNS) Public school officials in Gary, Ind., have agreed to sell air time on a city high school radio station to a group of ministers who want to broadcast religious programs on the weekends. The station airs news, educational and musical programming during the week, […]

NEWS STORY: Israeli law would restrict Christian missionaries

c. 1997 Religion News Service JERUSALEM _ A legislative attempt to severely regulate missionary activity in Israel has evangelical Christian groups on both sides of the Atlantic working hard to block the bill, which they say could severely impact their ability to function in the Jewish state. As currently written, the bill would prohibit”the possession, […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1997 Religion News Service Vatican official calls Buddhism”erotic spirituality” (RNS) The chief custodian of Roman Catholic doctrine has ridiculed the rising appeal of Buddhist practices among Christians, saying the church must do all it can to combat the challenge. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said […]

COMMENTARY: March Madness is just that

c. 1997 Religion News Service (Andrew M. Greeley is a Roman Catholic priest, best-selling novelist and a sociologist at the University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center. Check out his home page at http://www.agreeley.com or contact him via e-mail at agreel(at)aol.com.) UNDATED _ This March college basketball madness should stop. It is a caricature of […]

NEWS STORY: North, South Korean church leaders issue public call for peace

c. 1997 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ In a rare public agreement, church leaders from North and South Korea have urged their respective governments to”cease hostile policies”and have called on the United States to lift economic sanctions against North Korea. The agreement came during a three-day consultation here hosted by the National Council of […]

NEWS FEATURE: Ex-prison chaplain writes of life among felons

c. 1997 Religion News Service UNDATED _ The Rev. George R. Castillo left a comfortable pulpit in Shaker Heights, Ohio, to bring hope to felons _ men the rest of society hopes never to see again. The former pastor of East View United Church of Christ resigned nearly a quarter century ago to become a […]