NEWS FEATURE: Jewish community dealing with gay interfaith couples

c. 1998 Religion News Service BALTIMORE _ When David Steinhorn and Thom Stroschein began their relationship 12 years ago, their first date did not begin until near midnight because Steinhorn first attended a Selichot service _ a special penitential service preceding the Jewish High Holy Days which begins late on a Saturday night.”And my first […]

NEWS FEATURE: Looking for God along a psychedelic drug trip

c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _ When Lewis Carroll’s Alice swallowed magical cake, she was “delighted to find that she began shrinking directly.” So was Kate Chapman, 23, a modern-day Alice on LSD. “I became smaller and smaller and smaller until I felt the molecules, subatomic particles, the quarks,” said Chapman of a memorable […]

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c. 1998 Religion News Service NCC matches $500,000 Helmsley gift for burned churches (RNS) The National Council of Churches said Monday (Jan. 19) it has raised the $500,000 needed to receive a matching gift from New York real estate tycoon and philanthropist Leona Helmsley for its burned churches fund. NCC officials said the Rev. Joan […]

NEWS PROFILE: Nellie Gray: 25 years behind the March for Life

c. 1998 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ In the fall of 1973, Nellie Gray and about 30 other anti-abortion activists from the mid-Atlantic region began gathering at the retired federal worker’s home on Capitol Hill to plan a January demonstration on the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing abortion. Gray recalled with amusement […]

NEWS FEATURE: Castro on religion: Christians can also be good Marxists

c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _ The upcoming visit of Pope John Paul II to Fidel Castro’s Cuba _ set to begin Jan. 21. _ has been widely portrayed as an ideological showdown pitting the world’s leading religious anti-communist against its best-known remnant of godless communism. The reality is more nuanced. As the world’s […]

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c. 1998 Religion News Service New Christian Coalition head pledges focus on principles, not politics (RNS) The new president of the Christian Coalition said he plans to return his organization’s focus to principles rather than politics.”It is more important for us to re-establish, without question, that we are focused on our main mission, and that […]

NEWS STORY: England’s fox hunting tradition condemned as unchristian

c. 1998 Religion News Service LONDON _ A small but influential English religious group, which counts Prime Minister Tony Blair among its members, has ruffled the feathers of the British gentry by condemning fox hunting and other forms of killing animals for sport.”The use of power to control and kill, diverted into pleasure, is a […]

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c. 1998 Religion News Service Eds: Lowercase spelling of”empty tomb”in first item is cq. Church members gave a bit more of their incomes to congregations in 1996 (RNS) Congregation members gave a slightly larger portion of their incomes to their churches in 1996 compared to the previous year, a new study reports.”The State of Church […]

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c. 1998 Religion News Service Evangelical group head urges prayer for Congress, Clintons (RNS) The chairman of the National Association of Evangelicals has encouraged members of his group to pray for the country as Congress considers impeaching President Clinton.”We are urging our members to fervently pray for our nation while the House of Representatives debates […]

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c. 1998 Religion News Service Evangelical scholars say Bible calls homosexuality”abomination” (RNS) The Evangelical Theological Society, a group of scholars, have passed a resolution affirming their belief that the Bible”teaches that homosexual conduct is always an abomination,”but sharply criticizing national media for”unsubstantiated, untruthful and hateful accusations”about evangelical Christians concerning the death of gay student Matthew […]