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c. 1998 Religion News Service Baptists to consider family-related amendment to faith statement (RNS) A committee of the Southern Baptist Convention plans to recommend an addition to the denomination’s statement of faith that affirms heterosexual marriage and declares the husband is responsible for the family and the wife should”submit graciously to the servant leadership of […]

NEWS STORY: Early reaction positive to new Lutheran-Episcopal accord

c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _ A proposed new accord between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church is getting its first look by the ELCA’s grassroots as the denomination’s synods _ or regional jurisdictions _ hold their annual meetings. So far, church officials say, the response is positive _ in […]

COMMENTARY: Women and Islamic Law: It’s a matter of interpretation

c. 1998 Religion News Service (Dr. Laila Al-Marayati is a Los Angeles physician and past president of the Muslim Women’s League.) UNDATED _ For supporters of women’s human rights, it may sometimes seem as though Islam offers nothing but obstacles. While so-called Islamic countries are quick to modernize other areas of civil law _ policies […]

NEWS FEATURE: When should the hating stop?

c. 1998 Religion News Service”For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”_ Ecclesiastes 3. UNDATED _ The cries for Jewish males to come out to the street were heard and followed by Romek Zaks at the beginning of World War II in Poland. The only boy among seven siblings […]

COMMENTARY: What the Euro really means?

c. 1998 Religion News Service (Andrew M. Greeley is a Roman Catholic priest, best-selling novelist and a sociologist at the University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center. Check out his home page at http://www.agreeley.com or contact him via e-mail at agreel(at)aol.com.) UNDATED _ Someone should make a rule that journalists who pontificate about world events […]

COMMENTARY: The delicate dance of mothering a man

c. 1998 Religion News Service (Dale Hanson Bourke is the publisher of RNS and the mother of two boys.) UNDATED _ This Mother’s Day will be different. This Mother’s Day I will be the mother of a man. Sure, he’s still a teen-ager; not yet old enough to drive. But at some point during the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 1998 Religion News Service Old Calendarists Greek Orthodox group rejoins main church (RNS) A decades-old rift between an American faction of a Greek Orthodox splinter movement and the main church has been resolved, bringing about 30,000 of the separatists into the Greek Orthodox Church of America. The rift was formally healed Sunday (May 3) […]

NEWS STORY: Swiss Guard slaying shocks, saddens Vatican

c. 1998 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY _ An apparently disgruntled young member of the Vatican’s Swiss Guard _ the elite body charged with protecting the pope _ Monday night (May 4) shot and killed the force’s commander, the commander’s wife and himself, Vatican officials have announced. The killings came just hours after Pope John […]