NEWS FEATURE: Christian Zionists embrace their faith’s Jewish roots

c. 1998 Religion News Service ORLANDO, Fla. _ Tears flowed from Jeanette Scott’s eyes as she draped a blue and white silk”tallit”_ a Jewish prayer shawl _ around her shoulders. Woven into the tallit was a depiction of Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site.”The Lord was really putting an anointing on me,”said the 29-year-old woman.”I […]

NEWS SIDEBAR:  Some advice on raising sensitive sons

c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _”My mother has given me life and love. I am flesh of her flesh, bone of her bone. I was born of her body, linked to her by nature. Thus, is she not my Adam, am I not her Eve?” With these poetic words, Ariel Chesler introduces his mother’s […]

NEWS FEATURE: On Mother’s Day, healing the mother-son bond

c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _ On Mother’s Day, the nation pays tribute to one of humankind’s most cherished relationships _ the tender caretaking a woman bestows upon her child. Beautifully rendered in religious pictures of the Divine Mother and Holy Child _ such as the Christian images of Mary and Jesus or the […]

NEWS STORY: White House officials meet with atheist group

c. 1998 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ The Clinton administration, which has made a point of reaching out to a wide spectrum of religious leaders, Monday hosted what is believed to be the first formal White House meeting between an organized atheist group and representatives of the president. Ron Barrier, national spokesman for American Atheists, […]