COMMENTARY: `The Siege’ reveals a fault line in American popular culture

c. 1998 Religion News Service (Rabbi Rudin is the National Interreligious Affairs Director of the American Jewish Committee.) UNDATED _ The film,”The Siege,”has been sharply criticized by some Islamic organizations who complained that the movie presents a distorted and unfair picture of Islam and Muslims. But the controversy actually reveals more about American popular culture […]

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c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _ Exit the drunken sailor and lovesick adolescent. There is a new gang of marked men and women in tattoo parlor lore: evangelical Christians. More than a millennium after church authorities condemned tattooing as”a form of deviltry”that disfigured the body, a new generation of evangelical youth are permanently altering […]

NEWS FEATURE: Holiday book guide on religion and spirituality

c. 1998 Religion News Service UNDATED _ Every year, American publishers release around 50,000 titles to an often dazed book-buying public. With the arrival of the colder months, many bibliophiles snap up larger than usual numbers of volumes _ some intended for personal pleasure on windy, wintry evenings, and others bought as gifts. Here, for […]