NEWS STORY: Pope Makes it Official: Egan Will Succeed O’Connor

c. 2000 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ Pope John Paul II made official Thursday (May 11) what has been speculation for the past week _ Bishop Edward Egan of Bridgeport, Conn., a scholar, linguist and accomplished pianist, will succeed the late Cardinal John J. O’Connor as head of the Archdiocese of New York. Egan, […]

NEWS FEATURE: A Contemporary Craftsman Renews an Ancient Art

c. 2000 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Alexander Sokolov was 17 years-old when he stumbled upon a crossroads for his love of art and Orthodox Christianity, his newly adopted religion: painting religious icons. “When I first started making them, they were for me an image of another world, a spiritually rich world,” said Sokolov. “When […]

NEWS FEATURE: Study into Religious Melancholy Turns Into an Adventure

c. 2000 Religion News Service HARTFORD, Conn. _ Julius Rubin is joyful these days, a welcome change for a sociologist whose research into “religious melancholy” led to some depressing consequences. He has had to endure a federal lawsuit, threatened legal action against his English publisher and harrassing telephone calls from persons known and unknown _ […]

NEWS FEATURE: New Bibles Reclaiming Heritage of African Biblical Characters

c. 2000 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Biblical characters are a familiar part of the lexicon of American pop culture, surfacing in everything from catch phrases (“What Would Jesus Do”) to animation (Moses in DreamWorks’ “The Prince of Egypt”) to band names (Jesus Jones). Less well known are some other characters from the Bible. African characters. […]

NEWS FEATURE: Fixed-hour Prayer Moving Out of the Monastery

c. 2000 Religion News Service UNDATED _ The admonition is a simple one: “Pray without ceasing,” Paul advises in the New Testament book of Thessalonians. For centuries, Christians have honored that call to prayer through the practice of fixed-hour prayer _ the recitation of psalms, hymns, scripture readings and prayer at specific times of the […]