RNS Daily Digest

c. 1999 Religion News Service St. Valentine’s relics to go display in Glasgow (RNS) Were there two St. Valentines? What are claimed to be the relics of St. Valentine are to go on display in a new setting in Glasgow, where they have been kept since 1868. The relics are to be housed in a […]

COMMENTARY: The significance of the Ten Commandments

c. 1999 Religion News Service (Rabbi Rudin is the national interreligious affairs director of the American Jewish Committee). UNDATED _ At this time each year the Torah portion containing the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20: 1-14) is read at Sabbath services in synagogues throughout the world. Like many other youngsters, I memorized the original Hebrew words […]

COMMENTARY: Everyone is lovable

c. 1999 Religion News Service (Les Kaye is the abbot of Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center in Mountain View, California and author of”Zen at Work.”He can be reached at medatwork(AT)aol.com.) UNDATED _ The record of human history traces key events, individuals, and social forces that contour civilizations and create new forms of societies. Yet, history […]

NEWS FEATURE: Religious Objects Recycled for Needy Churches

c. 1999 Religion News Service UNDATED _ Sister Elias Freeman is an unlikely scavenger. But scavenger she is, her habit billowing in the chill of a January breeze, glasses glinting in the light, as she cajoles bigger and richer churches to give up their old bits of holy things so that those bits can find […]

NEWS ANALYSIS: Pope’s execution stance may test conservative U.S. Roman Catholics

c. 1999 Religion News Service UNDATED _ Long used to standing solidly with Pope John Paul II against birth control, abortion rights and assisted suicide, America’s Roman Catholic conservatives have been suddenly challenged by the pope’s forceful condemnation of a conservative touchstone _ the death penalty.”It’s going to be very difficult for many, sure,”said New […]