NEWS FEATURE: At West Point Graham Grandson Marches To Different Drum

c. 2003 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Three decades ago, West Point awarded the Rev. Billy Graham its highest civilian honor _ the Sylvanus Thayer Award. Today, the evangelist’s grandson Edward Graham looks forward to his West Point graduation and a military commission for active duty at a time when war seems imminent. In an interview […]

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c. 2003 Religion News Service Agency Recommends Driver Training for Vans Often Used by Churches WASHINGTON (RNS) The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that states require special training for drivers of 15-passenger vans after investigating accidents involving vans used by churches. The agency also recommended more stringent measures for detecting tire pressure since pressure […]

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c. 2003 Religion News Service Vatican Opens Archives on Pre-World War Relations with Germany VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican has given historians access to 394 folders of documents dealing with pre-World War II relations with Germany, which it hopes will help to remove doubts about Pope Pius XII’s attitude toward the Nazi persecution of the […]

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c. 2003 Religion News Service Poll: Active Churchgoers More Likely to Express Life Satisfaction (RNS) Americans’ views about life satisfaction are shaped by their faith and religious practice, a Barna poll shows. Pollsters questioned people with an active faith _ those who attend church, read the Bible and pray during a typical week _ and […]

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c. 2003 Religion News Service Bush Petitions Supreme Court to Hear Pledge Case WASHINGTON (RNS) The Bush administration has formally asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule a lower court decision and allow the Pledge of Allegiance to include the words “one nation under God.” U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson said last summer’s ruling by […]

NEWS FEATURE: Agnostic Questions if AA Is the Way

c. 2003 Religion News Service TOLEDO, Ohio _ Lou Peters accepts that he was wrong for driving drunk three years ago. But he cannot accept that God is the answer. Peters, 59, is an agnostic. So when a judge ordered him to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, the former hobby shop owner chose 30 days in jail […]

NEWS STORY: Dwindling Numbers Force Nuns to Sell Monastery

c. 2003 Religion News Service NEWARK, N.J. _ For 121 years, nuns have prayed for the troubled world outside the stone walls of the Monastery of St. Dominic here, living almost unknown to their neighbors. Although more than 100 nuns have spent their years in cloistered contemplation at the monastery since 1882, it has been […]

NEWS STORY: NAE Says Faith-Based Funding Should Not Include Anti-Bias Provisions

c. 2003 Religion News Service EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. _ The right of faith-based organizations to hire and fire staff must be retained as the federal government seeks to make more funds for social services available to them, the National Association of Evangelicals said Thursday (March 6). Members of the evangelical umbrella organization adopted a resolution […]

NEWS STORY: Catholics Prepare for Changes in Communion Ritual

c. 2003 Religion News Service CLEVELAND Raising their hands at the Lord’s Prayer. Losing the handshake and embracing the person in the next seat at the sign of peace. In an extra act of reverence, bowing before receiving the Communion host. And undoing a lifetime of tradition by not kneeling in prayer after Communion. Instead, […]