NEWS STORY: Divided Methodists Consider `Amicable Separation’

c. 2004 Religion News Service PITTSBURGH _ Conservative United Methodists, frustrated by three decades of painful debates over homosexuality, unveiled a surprise proposal Thursday (May 6) calling for an “amicable separation” from liberals. Supporters of the plan, drafted by the Rev. Bill Hinson, leader of the evangelical Confessing Movement, said a mutual parting would allow […]

NEWS FEATURE: Author: `Soul of Church’ at Stake in Global AIDS Fight

c. 2004 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ With an estimated 46 million people in the world living with HIV/AIDS, some Christian communities say it’s time to step up their efforts in the fight against the global pandemic. Recently, the Rev. Donald Messer of Denver, Colo., a United Methodist minister and theology professor, issued his own […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2004 Religion News Service Lay Activists, Greek Orthodox Church Continue Skirmishes Over Suit (RNS) Lay activists in the Greek Orthodox Church continue to skirmish with the church hierarchy over a lawsuit alleging the church imposed a new constitution in 2002 that ignores the will of parishioners and clergy. More than 30 parishioners filed suit […]

COMMENTARY: An Old Pastor’s Advice for Archbishop O’Malley

c. 2004 Religion News Service (Eugene Cullen Kennedy, a longtime observer of the Roman Catholic Church, is professor emeritus of psychology at Loyola University in Chicago and author of “Cardinal Bernardin’s Stations of the Cross,” published by St. Martin’s Press.) (UNDATED) Boston’s Archbishop Sean O’Malley has now explained why he washed only men’s feet on […]

COMMENTARY: Remembering D-Day

c. 2004 Religion News Service (Rabbi Rudin, the American Jewish Committee’s senior interreligious adviser, is Distinguished Visiting Professor at Saint Leo University.) (UNDATED) The 60th anniversary of D-Day _ June 6, 1944 _ and the upcoming dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., open the floodgates of personal memory. In the spring […]

NEWS STORY: Christian Peacemakers Report in January Previewed Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

c. 2004 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Nearly four months before the publication of photos of Iraqi detainees abused by their coalition captors, a small Christian peace organization issued a report detailing incidents similar to those now sparking outcries from North America to the Middle East. “That (CPT) report reflects a pattern. That (Iraq) is not […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2004 Religion News Service Priests in Nine Dioceses Form Celibacy-Petition Group (RNS) A petition drive that started last summer with 163 Catholic priests in Milwaukee asking for a discussion on celibacy has resulted in a new group of about 1,000 priests who want the church to consider married clergy. According to The New York […]