NEWS STORY: Probe Faults Military Official for Religious Speeches

c. 2004 Religion News Service (UNDATED) A Defense Department investigation of an undersecretary who said the war on terrorism was a religious battle has concluded that military officials should take “corrective action” against him for violating department rules. The report from an inspector general, obtained by The Washington Post and Reuters, states that Lt. Gen. […]

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c. 2004 Religion News Service Sikh Official Declines Invitation to White House Event (RNS) A top official of a Sikh organization has declined an invitation to a White House event because he would not have been able to bring a kirpan, or small dagger traditionally worn by Sikhs, into the event. Kuldeep Singh, chairman of […]

NEWS FEATURE: Health Ministry Reaches Beyond Healing to Wellness

c. 2004 Religion News Service HOMEWOOD, Ala. _ When people visit Dawson Memorial Baptist Church here, they often go to run, lift weights and work out their bodies, as well as their worship and prayer lives. They also come to find out if they have cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure. Dawson Baptist has placed […]

NEWS DIGEST: Religion in Canada

c. 2004 Religion News Service Fix System, Not Sanctuary, Church Leaders Urge TORONTO (RNS) Canadian church leaders have condemned remarks of federal immigration and citizenship minister Judy Sgro, who earlier this summer called on churches to abandon the time-honored practice of providing sanctuary to people under the threat of deportation. In the wake of several […]

COMMENTARY: Why I Keep My Hair Under Wraps

c. 2004 Religion News Service (Judy Gruen’s latest book is “Till We Eat Again: Confessions of a Diet Dropout,” published by Champion Press. Visit her Web site at (UNDATED) A few weeks ago I found myself spellbound while watching the movie “Girl With the Pearl Earring.” The movie, based on the excellent Tracy Chevalier […]

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c. 2004 Religion News Explorers Unearth Cave That May Have Been Used by John the Baptist (RNS) Archaeologists have uncovered a cave they believe was used by John the Baptist for ritual immersions, one of the first discoveries linked to the distant relative of Jesus. The cave is located on a kibbutz about two miles […]

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c. 2004 Religion News Service Vatican Offers to Mediate Conflict in Iraqi Holy City VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican offered Tuesday (Aug. 17) to mediate a cease-fire in the Iraqi city of Najaf if both the U.S. military and rebel Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are willing to “embark on peaceful ways” to end their conflict. […]

NEWS FEATURE: Hindus Wage Legal Battle for Control of Temple

c. 2004 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The next chapter of an entrenched legal battle for control of one of the largest Hindu temples in North America will be written in federal court. The twisting tale of the Hindu Temple Society of North America in Flushing, N.Y., is one of disputed bylaws, an authoritarian board of […]

COMMENTARY: Conflicting Paradigms

c. 2004 Religion News Service (Tom Ehrich is a writer and computer consultant, managing large-scale database implementations. An Episcopal priest, he lives in Durham, N.C. Visit his Web site at (UNDATED) It is 6 p.m., a bad time for grocery shopping. Long lines, full baskets, and in my lane a slow clerk. The store […]

NEWS FEATURE: N.C. Scholar of Islam Continues Embattled Approach

c. 2004 Religion News Service CHAPEL HILL, N.C. _ At 7 a.m. on a spring morning, religion professor Carl W. Ernst was nudged from his sleep by a long-distance phone call. The woman on the line asked if he would accept the Cairo-based Bashrahil Prize for Outstanding Cultural Achievement in the Humanities. “The what prize?” […]