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c. 2004 Religion News Service Muslim Political Action Committee Gives Kerry `Qualified Endorsement’ (RNS) A political action committee representing major U.S. Muslim advocacy groups has given a “qualified endorsement” to Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. The American Muslim Taskforce-Political Action Committee (AMT-PAC), which is affiliated with an umbrella organization representing the American Muslim Alliance, Council […]

NEWS STORY: Bush Poised to Increase Share of Jewish Vote

c. 2004 Religion News Service TAMARAC, Fla. _ The Kings Point retirement community is home to some 8,000 people, almost all Jews. That’s more than the Jewish population of 13 states; more Jews than in Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas combined. Come Nov. 2, there is little doubt that Jews at […]

NEWS STORY: Bush and Kerry Scolded by Denominational Brethren

c. 2004 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Members of a particular denomination used to be proud when they shared a religious affiliation with a president or presidential candidate. But the scoldings President Bush and Sen. John Kerry are receiving from fellow United Methodists and Roman Catholics illustrate that’s not necessarily true this election season. “What’s […]

NEWS STORY: Republican Party and Vatican Divided by War in Iraq

c. 2004 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The Vatican and the United States were close allies during the 1980s Cold War. Republican President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II seemed to campaign shoulder-to-shoulder to combat abortion and Soviet Communism, especially in the pontiff’s homeland of Poland. Republicans thought they continued to have the inside track […]

COMMENTARY: Jefferson’s Wall Could Be Crumbling

c. 2004 Religion News Service (Rabbi Rudin, the America Jewish Committee’s Senior Interreligious Adviser, is Distinguished Visiting Professor at Saint Leo University.) (UNDATED) I was a third-grader at Maury School in Alexandria, Va., when I first encountered religious bigotry and the liberating beliefs of Thomas Jefferson. There were 30 youngsters in my class, and on […]

NEWS STORY: Republicans Target the Amish in Battleground States

c. 2004 Religion News Service (UNDATED) It has been said that the Old Order Amish pray Republican even if they don’t vote Republican. But with the presidential race remaining tight in the final days before the Nov. 2 election, GOP campaign organizers in battleground states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania are hoping to turn Amish […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2004 Religion News Service Jews Angered by Presbyterian Meeting With Hezbollah Leaders (RNS) The Presbyterian Church (USA), already under fire from Jewish groups for considering financial divestment from Israel, has stirred anger again for sending a delegation to the Middle East that met with Hezbollah, a Lebanese guerrilla group that the United States characterizes […]

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c. 2004 Religion News Service Spitting on Christians Decried in Israel JERUSALEM (RNS) The Israeli government has vowed to crack down on religious Jews who insult and spit at Christians. In a stern statement issued Tuesday (Oct. 12), Interior Minister Avraham Poraz condemned recent incidents in which Jewish seminary students, many of them Americans studying […]