RNS Daily Digest

c. 2005 Religion News Service Christian Groups Pray for Brain-Damaged Woman (RNS) Christian groups are calling for prayers and collecting signatures to urge continued life support for Terri Schiavo, an incapacitated Florida woman at the center of an ongoing legal battle. Her husband, Michael Schiavo, and her parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, have battled in […]

Oregon Prostate Cancer Patient Wants to Keep Death Options Open

c. 2005 Religion News Service PORTLAND, Ore. _ With prostate cancer spreading to his liver and bones, Don James knows he is unlikely to be around when the U.S. Supreme Court rules on his right to a doctor’s help in ending his life. He plans to follow through soon on his request for doctor-assisted suicide […]

RNS Weekly Digest

c. 2005 Religion News Service U.S. Supreme Court to Review Oregon’s Doctor-Assisted Suicide Law WASHINGTON _ The U.S. Supreme Court announced Tuesday (Feb. 22) that it will take a case examining Oregon’s doctor-assisted suicide law. The court agreed to hear the federal government’s appeal of a lower court ruling that prevented the Drug Enforcement Administration […]

NEWS STORY: Church Electioneering Ban Re-examined

c. 2005 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ The half-century-old tax laws that forbid churches from directly engaging in partisan political activities are fraying. Some say they should be discarded. Others think that would be a sin. Acting on complaints, the Internal Revenue Service is conducting inquiries into political activities at churches and other tax-exempt institutions […]

NEWS STORY: Bush Budget Would Fund Private, Religious Schools

c. 2005 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Early in his first term, President Bush proposed a plan to provide federally financed vouchers to give low-income parents across the nation the option of sending their children to private schools, including religious ones. Faced with strong opposition from Democrats and teachers unions, Bush settled for a $13 […]

COMMENTARY: Secret Tapes Suggest Young Bush Was No Saint

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The evidence would seem to suggest that President Bush tried reefer as a young man. Well, there goes his chance for a third term. We refer of course to the secret tapes of Gov. Bush, made by an old pal, Doug Wead _ who, by some odd turn of […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2005 Religion News Service Ailing Pope Conducts General Audience by Video-Conference for First Time VATICAN CITY (RNS) For the first time ever, an ailing Pope John Paul II has conducted his weekly general audience by video-conference. The 84-year-old pontiff had been scheduled to greet pilgrims from his open study window overlooking St. Peter’s Square […]

NEWS STORY: World Council of Churches Endorses Divestment From Israel

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The World Council of Churches has urged its 347 member denominations to give “serious consideration” to pulling investments out of Israel in protest of what it sees as mistreatment of Palestinians. In calling for church-sponsored “economic pressure,” the WCC on Monday (Feb. 21) gave strong support for last year’s […]