Christians Push Nonviolence in Holy Land, Critics Cry They’re Taking Sides

c. 2005 Religion News Service JERUSALEM _ Sally Hunsberger, a Washington-based statistician, doesn’t spend much of her precious vacation time with her husband and two children. That’s because Hunsberger, 41, has made a three-year commitment to be a “Christian Peacemaker,” a voluntary role that requires travel to the Middle East as often as possible to […]

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c. 2005 Religion News Service WCC Appeals to Libya to Spare Lives of Six Health Workers (RNS) The World Council of Churches has appealed to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to spare the lives of six medical workers after a court found them guilty of deliberately infecting some 400 children with HIV. Forty children died. The […]

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c. 2005 Religion News Service Best Buy to Curb Violent Video Games, to Applause of Catholic Investors (RNS) Christian Brothers Investment Services announced Thursday (May 19) that it has withdrawn a shareholder resolution on violent video games that it filed with Best Buy Co. Inc. because the retailer has established a policy to restrict the […]

Religious Conservatives Threaten Brokers of Filibuster Compromise

c. 2005 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Richard Land, James Dobson and Paul Weyrich are angry _ angry at “activist” judges who they say are legislating from the bench, angry at Democrats who try to derail judicial nominations and angry at Republicans who are allowing the filibuster to survive. But these leaders of the Christian […]

Religious Progressives, Outpaced by Conservatives, See Hope in Judicial Fight

c. 2005 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Six months after the November elections left them defeated and demoralized, progressive religious groups by most measures continue to be outpaced and drowned out by well-organized conservative groups. Yet progressive leaders say the fight over judicial nominations has shown they are making measured progress in moderating the influence […]

COMMENTARY: Common-Sense Center Must Assert Itself

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) In 1919, after a pointless war had decimated Europe’s youth, Irish poet W.B. Yeats wrote an epitaph for the center, where common sense, compromise and reason join hands to sustain civilization. “Things fall apart,” he wrote; “the centre cannot hold.” He blamed the “blood-dimmed tide” on too little “conviction” […]

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c. 2005 Religion News Service Bush Affirms Position on Embryonic Stem Cell Research WASHINGTON (RNS) As Congress debated legislation that would lift some restrictions on stem cell research, President Bush affirmed his position Tuesday (May 24) by welcoming to the White House families with children who had been “adopted” as frozen embryos. “Rather than discard […]

Jewish Community Centers Give Preschoolers `Ethical Start’

c. 2005 Religion News Story (UNDATED) The children could pick any one of three boxes lined up before them. One was an old, plain, beat-up white box. Another was newer and black. The third box was brightly decorated, almost like a present. The 4- and 5-year-olds were told only that they would receive something from […]