Poll Finds Support for Pairing Creationism With Evolution

c. 2005 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Nearly two-thirds of Americans support teaching creationism alongside evolution in public schools, according to a new poll, but there is far less agreement over who gets to decide what is taught. The poll, released Tuesday (Aug. 30) by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, found that […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2005 Religion News Service Air Force Issues Interim Guidelines on Religion (RNS) The Air Force has released new interim guidelines urging its military members and civilian employees to protect the free exercise of religion. The guidelines, issued Monday (Aug. 29), were called for in a June report that investigated the religious climate at the […]

Did Hurricane Katrina Deliver a Spiritual Message?

c. 2005 Beliefnet (UNDATED) What caused Hurricane Katrina to slam the U.S. Gulf Coast? Was it a typical late-summer tropical storm caused by wind, water and heat? Mother Nature crying out on behalf of the Earth’s pain? An angry God? It depends on whom you ask. Along the theological and political spectrum, Katrina has crystallized […]

Four Years After 9/11, an Increasing Search for a Multi-Faith God

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Four years after the religiously inspired attacks of Sept. 11, Americans are increasingly asking a spiritual question with vast political implications: Do all monotheists worship the same God, or not? The question gets an unambiguous “yes” in a high-profile documentary to debut on Connecticut Public Television at 9 p.m. […]

COMMENTARY: Racial Unrest Can Erupt in Any Community

c. 2005 Religion News Service MARYVILLE, Tenn. _ This charming county seat south of Knoxville seems an unlikely venue for racial unrest, “white power” slogans and uproar over the Confederate flag. But then so does the city where I live, Durham, N.C., a diverse university town with a long tradition of liberalism, now embroiled in […]

Support for creationism; causes for Katrina; a multi-faith God

In Tuesday’s RNS report Kevin Eckstrom and Adelle M. Banks look at a recent Pew poll that shows great support for creationism among Americans. According to the poll, almost two-thirds of Americans support teaching creationism alongside evolution in public schools. Which views should be taught in schools, and who should decide? Deborah Caldwell, senior editor […]

Keeping it light

Quote of the Day: Evangelist Billy Graham “Please pray for this project. And then if you have any money, give it, too.” -Evangelist Billy Graham, joking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday (Aug. 26). He was quoted by The Charlotte Observer.

In Labor Day Message, Catholic Bishops Criticize Divided Unions

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) In a Labor Day message, a spokesman for the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops criticized labor unions for their divisions, and large retailers for resisting unionization. “To move forward, our nation needs a strong and growing economy, strong and productive businesses and industries, and a strong and united labor movement,” […]

Firms Hope to Profit by Cleaning Up Films

c. 2005 Religion & Ethics Newsweekly BOULDER, Colo. _ Responding to the public outcry over sex and violence in contemporary movies, a number of companies have found a new niche _ cleaning up the content of offensive films. Some firms are marketing filtering devices and others, more controversially, are editing scenes and then reselling the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2005 Religion News Service White House Official, Some Advocates for Poor, Differ on Bush Budget (RNS) The director of the White House office dealing with faith-based initiatives says President Bush’s proposed budget _ with increases in funding for programs related to religious and community groups _ is a compassionate one, but leaders of some […]