Cleaning films; Bishops’ stance on labor unions

Monday’s report begins with a story from Lucky Severson of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly about companies that try to edit or filter sex and violence from movies: Some are marketing filtering devices. Others, more controversially, are editing scenes and then reselling the film. Critics are challenging in court the law President Bush signed in April […]

Faith and Boy Scouts

Quote of the Day: Muslim Boy Scout Rehman Muhammad of Houston “We’re just average American boys doing average American activities. But after Sept. 11, we also have to be ambassadors of our faith.” -Rehman Muhammad, 13, member of all-Muslim Boy Scout Troop 797 in Houston. He was quoted by Time magazine.

Presbyterian Panel Urges Flexibility on Gay Clergy

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) A special panel has urged the Presbyterian Church (USA) to maintain its ban on noncelibate gay clergy, but the panel also wants local congregations to determine when to apply _ or bypass _ that standard. The 20-member panel, which has spent four years studying divisions over homosexuality, said the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2005 Religion News Service Iraqi Religious Minorities Worry About Proposed Constitution (RNS) Leaders of some Iraqi religious minorities say the second article in the proposed constitution, which discredits laws that contradict the laws of Islam, could endanger their autonomy. “Who will interpret these Islamic laws?” said Dr. Suhaib Nashi of the Mandaean Association Union. […]

COMMENTARY: Intelligent Design Is an Article of Faith

c. 2005 Religion News Service (UNDATED) President George W. Bush created a stir this month when he let drop to a group of Texas reporters that local schools should be able to teach creationism _ er, the other “side” of evolution. “Both sides ought to be properly taught,” said Bush, according to an unofficial transcript […]

American Scientists Ask Pope to Clarify Position on Evolution

c. 2005 Religion News Service CLEVELAND _ FedEx phoned Lawrence Krauss’ cluttered office in the physics department at Case Western Reserve University. This package he was sending abroad, a dispatcher asked, could he give a more complete address? The package held a letter Krauss had addressed to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, 00120 Vatican City. […]

Is NPR overdoing its religion coverage?

Interesting discussion by NPR ombudsman, Jeffrey A. Dvorkin. One listener complains, “I too am dismayed and disgusted by the outpouring of religion that you have put on your programs in recent months. I do not listen to NPR to be proselytized. “ Walter Watson, senior producer of Weekend All Things Considered, replies: “Religion-and not just […]

Prayer for forgiveness

Quote of the Day: Taize community leader Alois Leser “With Christ on the cross we say to you, Father, forgive her, she does not know what she did.” -The Rev. Alois Leser, the new leader of the Taize ecumenical community in France, praying during the funeral of slain Taize founder Brother Roger Schutz. Schutz was […]