Catholic Church considers gays; WCC Assembly concludes

In Friday’s RNS report Kristine M. Crane reports from Rome on a Catholic conference looking at the topics of homosexuality and sexuality: The Catholic Church does not and should not use the words “illness” and “abnormal” to describe homosexuality, according to the organizer of an international Catholic conference on homosexuality and sexuality. “These words are […]

Simon is humbled by `American Idol’ contestant

Quote of the Day: `American Idol’ Contestant Mandisa Hundley “I figure that if Jesus could die so that all of my wrongs could be forgiven, I can certainly extend that same grace to you.” -“American Idol” contestant Mandisa Hundley, responding to judge Simon Cowell after he made a critical remark about her weight. The contestant, […]

Minister of Self-defense Melds Christianity, Karate

c. 2006 Religion News Service ADAMSVILLE, Ala. _ On a breezy Thursday night, the only sound at the front steps of Victory Christian Fellowship is the barking of a dog in the distance. It is here that Dustin Cornelius, an engineering analyst for Southern LINC Co., comes to wind down after a long day at […]

COMMENTARY: Shame on the Church of England, Yet Again

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) It has taken the Anglican Church _ the Church of England _ several centuries to overcome its colonialist record in many parts of the world including India, Pakistan, Kenya and the West Indies. Back then, Anglican missionary efforts were inextricably linked to British imperialism. It has also taken centuries […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Federal Agency Settles ACLU Suit Over Religious Abstinence Program (RNS) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has agreed to stop funding an abstinence program that included religious elements. The American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday (Feb. 23) that the settlement had been reached between its lawyers and federal […]

In Volatile Iraq, Shiite Mosques and Minarets Increasingly Targeted

c. 2006 Religion News Service BAGHDAD, Iraq _ Razaq Jawad Kadhum dodged Saddam Hussein’s security agents for more than two decades when he served as his mosque’s muezzin, the announcer who chants the daily calls for prayer to gather the faithful. Kadhum, 54, was detained three times, and his life threatened more than once under […]

Dallas pastor looking to bring spiritual renewal

Quote of the Day: Dallas Pastor Tony Evans “We have a generation of men who are not in the home. They are like the abominable snowman-their footprints are all around, but they can’t be found.” -Dallas pastor Tony Evans, who leads Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and the Urban Alternative, an organization that aims to bring […]

Judas Rehabilitated?

Ancient ‘Gospel of Judas’ to Be Published, Promoting Christ’s Betrayer RNS Vatican correspondent Stacy Meichtry reports (linked above) on the upcoming publication of the first translation of a Gnostic “Gospel of Judas.” Quote: According to scholars who have seen photographs of the brittle manuscript, it argues that Judas Iscariot was carrying out God’s will when […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Muslim and Arab Groups Say Uproar Over Ports Amounts to Profiling (RNS) Arab and Muslim-American leaders say the uproar over a White House deal that would turn over operations of several major U.S. ports to an Arab-owned company could leave many in the Islamic world thinking Americans hate them. “This […]

The High-Tech Making of a Handwritten Bible, for $4 Million

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) With the help of computers, calf skins and turkey feathers, Donald Jackson is reviving a lost art form by creating a Bible by hand, at a cost of about $4 million. The Saint John’s Bible, a seven-volume, illustrated endeavor slated for completion in 2007, is the first handwritten Bible […]