COMMENTARY: A Spiritual Experience at Arlington National Cemetery

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Each funeral service I conduct fills me with sadness. Especially poignant is the inescapable journey to the cemetery for the recitation of prayers as the casket is lowered into the ground. But that sorrow becomes acute when I visit my parents’ shared grave in America’s most sacred space: Arlington […]

Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Laments Indifference to Suffering

c. 2006 Religion News Service SHORT HILLS, N.J. _ With 1,300 people before him _ most of them fellow Jews _ Elie Wiesel, the world-renowned author and Holocaust survivor, challenged his audience to resist the lure of indifference when it comes to the suffering of others. “You study the history of the 20th century, and […]

Christian Doctor Works in Her Home on Her Terms at Her Pace

c. 2006 Religion News Service DAMASCUS, Ore. _ Sixteen short steps tell you worlds about what matters most to Beverly De La Bruere. Pass through the double doors of her sky blue ranch-style home, and you’re standing next to a poster-sized 90-day planner that tracks a busy family life. A few steps to the right […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service U.S. Bookstores Refuse to Sell Magazine With Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (RNS) Borders bookstores and Waldenbooks, both part of the Borders Group Inc., have pulled the April-May issue of Free Inquiry from magazine racks because it includes cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The satiric cartoons, first published in Denmark, have […]

Church Spending on Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Tops $1 Billion

c. 2006 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ U.S. Catholic leaders received 783 allegations of clergy sexual abuse last year, which pushed the price tag of the scandal past $1 billion since 1950, church officials said Thursday (March 30). In addition, researchers analyzed data from previous years to try to craft a profile of abusive priests. […]

Torah Cover:  The Return

Torah Cover That Survived Nazis Returns to New York Family Marilyn Henry reports on a Torah cover returned to its rightful owners after being lost in Nazi-era Austria in this week’s RNS full text article, linked above. Quote: The Wesel Torah cover is the second prominent Jewish ritual object to be returned in five years. […]

Eco-palms; Internet saint

Adelle M. Banks reports in Wednesday’s RNS report that churches are increasingly choosing “eco-palms” for their Palm Sunday services: Combining ecology and theology, a growing number of churches are choosing “eco-palms” for their Palm Sunday services. It’s an idea that’s resonating with congregations who previously had not given much thought to where palms come from […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Italy Grants Asylum to Afghan Christian Accused of Apostasy ROME (RNS) Abdul Rahman, the Afghan who faced the death penalty for converting to Christianity from Islam, arrived in Italy on Wednesday (March 29) where he received political asylum. Italy’s decision to grant Rahman, 41, asylum capped a week of intense […]

Churches Buy More Expensive `Eco-Palms’ for Palm Sunday

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Combining ecology and theology, hundreds of churches are choosing “eco-palms” for their Palm Sunday services this year. It’s an idea resonating with congregations that had not previously given much thought to where palms come from, but have interests in other justice causes, such as “fair trade coffee,” that help […]

Worldwide Web Fuels Sainthood Campaign for Globe-trotting Pope

c. 2006 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY _ The messages arriving in Monsignor Slawomir Oder’s inbox are multiplying. A mother writes from Bloomington, Ill., appealing to John Paul II from beyond the grave to heal her daughter from a sudden brain injury. Another click away, a child has been conceived in Mexico, thanks, the e-mail […]