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Quote of the Day: Christian Video Game Designer Ralph Bagley “There are people out there who think that if it’s a Christian game it has to be about putting two animals on an ark. But how many people are going to play that?” -Ralph Bagley, designer of a Christian video game and spokesman for the […]


  1. Ralph, well said. There are now a number of Christian games hitting the market and they have come along way. Developers are now creating really fun games to play that have that Christian wholesmonness woven throughout the game play. In many cases it is so subbtle, “don’t lie, cheat or steal. Take responsibility for your actions.” Wow, I do not think that is uniquely Christian. But it goes beyond the family freindly side by saying we don’t do some things not because “were not suppose to”, but because the man named Jesus said so. Nothing gets lost in the translation. I am happy to see some of the creative masters focusing their craft on making really fun Christian games.

    Ralph, thank you for all of your contributions to the industry.