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Muslims Try to Shield Ramadan from Commercialization RNS’s Omar Sacirbey looks at the effects of commercialization on the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in this week’s full-text article, linked above. Quotes: “There’s no doubt that there’s commercialization,” said Mohammed Abdul Aleem, CEO of, a mainly educational Web site that also sells a variety of […]

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  1. I am a young american muslim woman. I was born and raised under Islam. I am also a junior in Christian based College. I must say, after years of fasting during the month of Ramadan and living in America’s society, it is hard not to do the things I normally do. I feel the month of Ramadan also challenges a person’s or a muslim’s spirit to see how strong and committed to god one is. I love the last day of Ramadan. We all come together to pray and celebrate with gifts and a great feast. Ramadan is only boring to people who do not know and understand the purpose.