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c. 2006 Religion News Service Religion Scholars Criticize Muslim Professor’s Visa Denial WASHINGTON (RNS) An organization of religion scholars is among several groups criticizing the State Department for denying a visa for a prominent Muslim professor. Swiss scholar Tariq Ramadan was denied a visa even though the government has dropped a previous allegation that he […]

COMMENTARY/ANALYSIS: The Return of Pope Ratzinger

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Pope Benedict XVI has had a bad couple of weeks, really the first bad weeks of his relatively young and surprisingly uncontroversial pontificate. The fury in many Muslim quarters over his academic lecture on religion and violence during a homecoming tour to Bavaria continued to spread, and he was […]

Vatican Excommunicates Rogue African Archbishop

c. 2006 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY _ The Vatican on Tuesday (Sept. 26) announced the excommunication of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, the African cleric who scandalized the Catholic Church by marrying in 2001, as a penalty for consecrating a group of married men as bishops. A statement from the Holy See press office cited church […]

COMMENTARY: Playing by Everyone Else’s Rules

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) The unfolding ethical drama at Hewlett-Packard _ top officers using questionable and perhaps illegal methods to spy on directors, employees and reporters _ raises an obvious question: “What were they thinking?” Could plugging a leak in board secrecy be so important as to warrant undermining morale and future ethical […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Gay Priest Loses Bid to Be Newark Bishop NEWARK, N.J. (RNS) The Episcopal Diocese of Newark on Saturday (Sept. 23) elected a Massachusetts priest as its 10th bishop, passing over a gay candidate whose election could have further roiled the global Anglican Communion. The Rev. Mark Beckwith of Worcester, Mass., […]

Pope Says Christians and Muslims Must `Work Together’

c. 2006 Religion News Service ROME _ In his first meeting with Muslim leaders since making controversial remarks on Islam, Pope Benedict XVI renewed his rejection of religiously motivated violence on Monday (Sept. 25) and appealed to leaders of both faiths to promote religious tolerance. The meeting was the latest chapter of the pontiff’s ongoing […]

Iranian Pursuit of Beauty ÆÂ? An Age-Old Ideal Unveiled

c. 2006 Religion News Service SHIRAZ, Iran _ Kill me but make me beautiful. It may be an ancient Iranian saying, but women here are taking it as seriously as ever. They want smaller noses. They want highlights in their hair, even though the Islamic government calls for it to be covered by roosary, or […]

GUEST COMMENTARY: Separation of Church and State: A Lie or a Forgotton Safeguard?

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Senate candidate Katherine Harris, R-Fla., recently annoyed the hornets in the church/state nest by announcing in an interview with the Florida Baptist Witness newspaper that the separation of church and state was a lie. She claimed that believing in the separation of church and state made people think “that […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Pope Asks For a Meeting With Muslim Leaders VATICAN CITY (RNS) Under pressure to clarify his position on Islam after making remarks that angered many Muslims, Pope Benedict XVI has invited representatives of Muslim countries to meet with him in Rome on Monday (Sept. 25). In a statement issued Friday […]