There’s Something About Mary

Protestants Use Christmas Movie to Talk About Mary Is the Virgin Mary exclusively a Catholic figure? Not according to Sarah Price Brown’s full-text RNS article, linked above. Quote: The goal, as [Scot] McKnight sees it, amounts to nothing short of a coup by the Protestant church. “There are a few of us who are in […]

Pope Meets With Orthodox Patriarch, Shifts Focus to Christian Rights

c. 2006 Religion News Service ISTANBUL, Turkey _ Pope Benedict XVI met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the embattled spiritual leader for Eastern Orthodox Christians, and celebrated Mass for his “tiny flock” of Turkish Roman Catholics on Wednesday (Nov. 29) in a show of solidarity with Turkey’s beleaguered Christian minorities. Departing from the conciliatory overtures […]

GUEST COMMENTARY: Heads You Win, Tails You Lose

c. 2006 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ At the corner of East 56th Street and First Avenue, there’s an oversized phone booth that looks like a bus shelter with large advertisements on all three sides. The ad facing south, toward the headquarters for the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, is for Casella Yellow Tail […]

Despite Revived Left, Religious Magazines Wither

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) It’s never been easy to make ends meet while putting out a progressive Christian publication. But in an ironic twist, a re-energized religious left may be making a tough task even harder. That’s one key observation from watchers of liberal Christianity who are trying to explain why progressive magazines […]

10 Minutes With … Jean-Claude LaMarre

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Jean-Claude LaMarre is the star/writer/director/producer of the new film “Color of the Cross,” a below-the-radar film in which he portrays Jesus Christ as a black Jew who was crucified because of his race. Not surprisingly, picturing Jesus as a black man is stirring some controversy. The Nu-Lite Entertainment production […]

GUEST COMMENTARY: Muslims to Pope: Do as We Say, Not as We Do

c. 2006 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Pope Benedict XVI is in the midst of a four-day trip to Turkey, and adherents to the religion of peace _ as Islam is sometimes called _ are being watched carefully. Carefully enough, most would hope, that the pope will survive all four of his days in a country […]

Actor Comments on “Mary’s” Pregnancy

Quote of the Day: `The Nativity Story’ Actor Oscar Isaac “My sense so far speaking to people is that they are understanding. They’re taking the high road and being compassionate, not condemning her.” -Actor Oscar Isaac, who plays Joseph in “The Nativity Story,” which opens on Friday (Dec. 1), speaking about the recent revelation that […]

RNS Weekly Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Israeli Supreme Court Approves Overseas Gay Marriages (RNS) An Israeli Supreme Court ruling requiring the government to recognize gay marriages performed abroad has many American Jews rejoicing. “It’s a great day for marriage. It’s a great day for Israel. And it’s a great day for Jews,” said Alan Dershowitz, the […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2006 Religion News Service Secular Songs Beat Out Christmas Carols on Most Popular Radio List (RNS) “The Christmas Song” _ with its “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” _ was the most performed holiday song on the radio in the last five years. Only one song in the top 25 was a religious Christmas […]

COMMENTARY: To Have and To Hold

c. 2006 Religion News Service CHAPEL HILL, N.C. _ Wedding homilies need to be upbeat and brief, and mine last Saturday toed that line. But there was more to be said. Later I will mail these words to Liz and Will, for consideration in the fullness of time: Like your grandparents, you launch your marriage […]