RNS Daily Digest

c. 2007 Religion News Service Catholic Bishops Condemn Maguire on Birth Control, Gay Marriage (RNS) The U.S. Catholic bishops have denounced as “irresponsible” and “false teaching” a longtime Catholic theologian’s insistence that Catholics are able to dissent from the hierarchy’s opposition to contraceptives, same-sex marriage and abortion. Daniel C. Maguire, a professor of moral theology […]

Is Faith a Genetic Condition or a Natural Phenomenon?

c. 2007 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ The recent debate at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary was nominally called “The Future of Atheism.” But the heart of the dialogue explored a related question: Can mankind’s age-old belief in God be explained purely as a stubbornly recurring natural phenomenon, not much different than the common […]

Please Don’t Touch Her, She Will Touch You

c. 2007 Religion News Service SWEET HOME, Ore. _ Lunchtime finds 66-year-old Carl Malburg, a former logger, sitting in a rented minivan in the parking lot outside St. Helen’s Catholic Church, talking on a cell phone to his wife back home in Michigan. As caretaker of the International Virgin Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2007 Religion News Service German Judge Removed After Saying Abuse Allowed in Muslim Marriage BERLIN (RNS) A Frankfurt judge has been removed from a divorce case after arguing that physical abuse in a Muslim marriage is acceptable under the Quran. The divorce case was filed by an unnamed 26-year-old Moroccan woman last May after […]

COMMENTARY: Passover 101

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Even though America is saturated with religiosity, recent studies indicate many people lack accurate knowledge about the beliefs and rituals of world religions, including their own. Passover, Judaism’s eight-day festival of freedom, begins April 2. The following test will reveal how much you know about the holiday. If your […]

Woman Drops `Booty Bounce’ for Christian Line Dancing

c. 2007 Religion News Service CLEVELAND _ Belinda Haywood didn’t want to give up what she loved. She had made her name teaching line dances. Romantic ones like her “Enchanted Evening” routine. Urban young folks clamored for the “Booty Bounce” and the “Shake What Your Mama Gave You.” Her classes drew dozens of people to […]

Cubans Ask: Is It Wrong to Pray for Castro’s Death?

c. 2007 Religion News Service ORLANDO, Fla. _ Jose Fernandez’s family was one of the lucky ones. When Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba in 1959, his communist government took only the family’s home, dairy farm and food import business, among other things. Many Cubans, he knows, lost even more. Fernandez arrived in the United […]

Move Over, Oprah

Muslim Magazines Discover an Untapped Market RNS’ Omar Sacirbey profiles the emerging market for Muslim-focused consumer magazines in the US, in this week’s full-text RNS article, linked above. Quote: Muslim Girl, with circulation approaching 50,000, is the latest of several new magazines catering to Muslim Americans. Although they reach for distinct demographics-teenagers, professionals, mothers and […]