Tony Blair: Catholic by Christmas?

Word around the Vatican is that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will finally become a Roman Catholic this December, in a private ceremony at the London residence of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. Longstanding rumors of a Blair conversion gained credibility this past June when the British leader, whose wife Cherie is a Catholic, visited Pope […]

Flag Folding Flap

The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a clarification of its policy concerning flag-folding ceremonies that occur at military funerals. Words recited as the flag is folded have contained religious references, one of which prompted a recent complaint to the White House, Fox News reported. Now, the controversy over that complaint has led to the […]

RNS Weekly Digest

c. 2007 Religion News Service Former RNS editor Gerald Renner Dies at 75 (RNS) Gerald Renner, a former editor of Religion News Service and a longtime religion writer for The Hartford Courant, died Wednesday (Oct. 24) of cancer. He was 75. Known for both investigative journalism and off-beat stories, Renner continued his writing career after […]

Frank Rich on Dobson, Perkins & Giuliani

Frank Rich’s searing indictment of Tony Perkins, James Dobson and other “mullahs” of the religious right (his words, not mine) is well worth a read, even if you disagree with either his premise or his conclusion. Rich asks a logical question about the “Values Vote” crowd heading into the 2008 elections: If they really believed […]

For the Bible Tells Me So … Or Does It?

Beckie Supiano’s story about a new pro-gay documentary, “For the Bible Tells Me So,” is available, courtesy of our friends over at the Dallas Morning News. The documentary traces each family’s experience of wrestling with how their child’s sexuality fits in with their moral and religious beliefs. Some come to accept it; others learn to […]

Old Latin Mass news

An Italian magazine reports that the Vatican will soon issue a set of regulations regarding celebration of the “extraordinary rite,” commonly known as the old Latin Mass. In a document released this last July, Pope Benedict permitted regular celebration of the so-called Tridentine rite wherever there is a “stable group of faithful who adhere to […]

Vatican pushes hot buttons at the U.N.

The Holy See’s representative to the United Nations has touched on a couple of controversial and politically loaded topics in recent days: the environment and the war on terrorism. On Monday, Archbishop Celestino Migliore called protecting the environment a “moral imperative” that “must not be sacrificed on the altar of economic development.” He noted that […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2007 Religion News Service Conservative wins second election as S.C. bishop (RNS) The Episcopal Church on Monday (Oct. 29) approved the election of a conservative priest as bishop of South Carolina, one year after officials nullified his election amid fears he would lead the diocese to secede from the national church. The Rev. Mark […]

Anglicans, Catholics still not united on Mary

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Two years after Anglicans and Roman Catholics said they had reached a common understanding on the Virgin Mary, there’s still something about Mary that doesn’t quite sit right with some Anglicans. Specifically, some Anglicans remain skittish about Catholic dogmas on the Immaculate Conception (that Jesus’ mother was born free […]