Abp. Gregory Reveals Prostate Cancer

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory, arguably the highest-ranking black man in the U.S. Catholic Church, best known for steering the church through the clergy sex abuse crisis, tells his staff he has prostate cancer. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more.

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2007 Religion News Service Okla. archbishop, priests resist anti-immigration law OKLAHOMA CITY (RNS) Archbishop Eusebius Beltran and a council of priests have joined a “Pledge of Resistance” against one of the nation’s broadest state laws restricting illegal immigration. The Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizens Act, set to take effect Nov. 1, will make it criminal […]

Surrendering to God _ and the cops _ at church

c. 2007 Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly MEMPHIS, Tenn. _ Nineteen-year-old Edacious recently came to New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, but not to worship. Instead, she came to surrender. There was a warrant for her arrest on marijuana charges and she had come to church to turn herself in. Hundreds of others with outstanding warrants also […]

Humane Society recruits believers for animal rights

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Advocates at the Humane Society of the United States have long suspected God was on their side, and now they’re hoping his followers will join them. They’re focusing their fight on the most vulnerable creatures: factory farm hens and pigs crammed into cages so tight they can’t move, and […]

For polyamorists, three’s not a crowd; it’s just the start

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) By day, he’s an Atlanta real estate investor, a self-described political conservative, a member of a Methodist church, the son of a Southern Baptist pastor. After hours, he’s known as “Mr. Big,” a columnist for PolyamoryOnline.org. His family _ a wife and five children _ lives with another couple, […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2007 Religion News Service Faith groups hold screenings of anti-torture film (RNS) Jewish, Muslim and Christian houses of worship nationwide are sponsoring more than 500 screenings of a documentary investigating U.S. maltreatment of detainees as part of a new initiative led by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Congregations in all 50 states will […]

Unitarians try to raise profile with new ad campaign

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Proud of their liberal views, spiritual skepticism and religious diversity _ counting atheists, neo-pagans and Buddhists in their ranks _ Unitarian Universalists are not known as heavy-duty evangelizers. But with just 250,000 members nationwide and growth relatively stagnant at 1 percent a year, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is […]

COMMENTARY: `Who shall be confronted by fire and who by water …’

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Last month on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the haunting, insightful prayer “Oonatanah Tokef” was recited in synagogues. That ancient prayer includes these words: “… who among us in the New Year shall live and who shall die … who shall be confronted by fire and who by water […]

Some Christians torn on what to make of Halloween

c. 2007 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Cindy Cathcart was angry with God and on the brink of divorce and suicide on Oct. 30, 1998, when her nephew dragged her to “Hell House.” Though raised Lutheran, she had repeatedly refused her sister’s invitations to come to church and had no desire for a relationship with God. […]