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Jesus wants your vote-and he needs a running mate RNS’ Matthew Streib looks at a new website which posits Jesus as a presidential candidate in 2008, and which attempts to infer what political positions the candidate might have, in this week’s full text article, linked above. Quote: “Would Jesus care about 30,000 children dying worldwide […]


  1. In this case it is clear why an either/or is appropriate.

    Jesus explicitly addresses the matter of feeding the hungry and ranks it very high on his agenda. He never discusses gay people or gay activities at all.

    The attempts of homophobes to try to read their biases/fears regarding gays into the gospel is blasphemy.

  2. The amendment in question in Ohio ultimately is related to marriage, irrespective of whether or not those who seek to enter into that state of life are homosexual or not.

    Jesus said some quite definite things about about marriage, things that restrict it to a relationship between a man and a woman. See Matthew 19:4-5.

    Therefore, I think a both/and approach is warranted here and is by no means indicative that one is a “homophobe,” let alone blasphemous.