Cuts Both Ways

Much has been made of the Democratic Party’s attempts to reach out to religiously minded voters or, as many have said, to simply “get religion.” Apparently that hasn’t stopped the DNC from using religion as a wedge, however. After San Antonio pastor John Hagee (who’s so supportive of Israel that he’d make a really good […]

Farrakhan: Obama Still Has My Support

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says his followers should still support Barack Obama, even if Obama doesn’t really want it. “Those who have been supporting Sen. Barack Obama should not allow what was said during the Feb. 26 presidential debate to lessen their support for his campaign. This is simply mischief making intended to […]

Pushed to the edge, `Salt’ took time for God and herself

c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) When Cheryl James abruptly abandoned her red-hot career as “Salt” of the hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa and became a Christian, she also shattered her relationship with partner Sandra “Pepa” Denton. Ten years after drifting away from the band, James, 43, is trying to be true to both faith and friendship […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2008 Religion News Service Conservative icon William F. Buckley Jr. dies at 82 (RNS) Conservative icon William F. Buckley Jr. died Wednesday (Feb. 27), following a life in which the Catholic writer, magazine editor and TV host simultaneously angered and charmed liberals while also displeasing both Jewish and Catholic groups with his signature killer […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2008 Religion News Service BAY CITY, Mich. _ Every year during Lent, hundreds of folks come to the Richville Conservation Club to gobble all the fried cod they can eat. The soaring price of fish, however, is munching up club profits. “A lot of the guys who volunteer here are pushing the fried chicken […]

COMMENTARY: The unsung heroes of Israeli independence

c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) On May 14, Israel will mark its 60th anniversary as an independent nation. President Bush and other world leaders plan to attend the festivities in Jerusalem later this spring. An important new book, “Israel at Sixty: An Oral History of a Nation Reborn” (Wiley) by Deborah Hart Strober and […]

McCain Picks Up Hagee Endorsement

GOP presidential candidate John McCain picked up the endorsement Wednesday of San Antonio pastor John Hagee, who said at a news conference that he was giving his “vigorous, enthusiastic and personal support to an American hero.” Hagee, national chairman of Christians United for Israel, praised McCain for his anti-abortion record and his pro-Israel stands. […]

Beliefnet Lists Influential Black Spiritual Leaders

As Black History Month draws to a close, it’s not too late to point out that Beliefnet has continued its practice of naming “The Most Influential Black Spiritual Leaders.” The Dallas Morning News’ religion blog noticed that the names of two Texas megachurch pastors were missing: Bishop T.D. Jakes of Dallas and Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, […]

UCC: We’re Not an Obama Campaign Office

We reported yesterday on the IRS investigation into whether a Barack Obama speech at last year’s UCC General Synod crossed the line into improper church politicking. Obama, you’ll recall, is a longtime member of a UCC church in Chicago The UCC says they weren’t aware of any problems, and say the event passed muster. Now […]

Sister: Don’t get it twisted

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, responded sharply to an op/ed published in the Washington Post last weekend that criticized the bishops for prioritizing abortion above all other political issues and presumably aligning themselves with Republican John McCain. (You can find that editorial, written by former National Catholic Reporter […]