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As always, when reporters interview people, a lot of good stuff gets edited out of the story. My interview with Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican’s #1 guy in the U.S., was no different in that respect. He’s a fascinating guy with lots to say, so I’m posting the whole transcript here on the blog. Rather […]


  1. db, I apologize in advance for asking such a superficial and tangential question: is it now AP style (or whatever the official press stylebook is) not to capitalize “God?”

    In the Dark Ages, when I grew up, I learned that “God” was capitalized because, well, it’s God’s name…just as Jupiter or Zeus are capitalized. So God is capitalized, but “a god” or “many gods” are not. But with increasing frequency lately, I’ve noticed that “God” is not capitalized. My gut reaction is dismay, because this seems disrespectful. But my knee-jerk response may be off-base, because there may have been a style change I haven’t been aware of.

    Can you help me with this?

  2. Thanks, db. (Er, DB? :-)

    I guess the fact that it occurred twice threw me off. I notice one of them has been corrected.

    Good to know “God” is still officially God’s name!