Jim Martin’s Checking His Watch

Jim Martin over at America magazine asks the question that’s on every Catholic’s mind but no one is willing to voice. As somone who’s sat through the Vigil myself, I think he might be on to something: Last year I asked one of my relatives if she was going to the Vigil Mass. “Are you […]

Muslim country singer breaks all the stereotypes

c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) He wears a mighty nice cowboy hat, hails from a small town in Oklahoma, and sings with a twang about wantin’ to hear the ayyyn-gels. He drove a pickup truck in high school and admits he used to take his dog hunting. And did we mention that he’s a […]

Packing Heat in Packed Churches

An update on an earlier story we brought you about the rising use of armed guards inside megachurches, prompted by last year’s shooting deaths at New Life Church in Colorado Springs and a missionary training center. The pastor of New Life, Brady Boyd, says all churches should have armed guards -just in case. You may […]

Lieberman Questions IRS Probe into Obama Speech

Sen. Joe Lieberman has joined the chorus of people questioning the IRS probe into a speech given by Barack Obama at the United Church of Christ convention last summer. Obama, you’ll recall, is a UCC member, but the IRS thinks his speech may have been improper church politicking. Why Lieberman? Two possible reasons: One, he’s […]

Clinton: I would Have Walked Out

Hillary Clinton says that if she had been sitting in the pew when Barack Obama’s pastor made his now-legendary remarks, she would have gotten up and walked out. Some have criticized Clinton-who has largely stayed out of the Obama/Wright flap-of going negative with her answer. But in all fairness, she was responding to a reporter’s […]

RNS Daily Digest

c. 2008 Religion News Service Poll: Clinton leads Obama among most religious groups WASHINGTON (RNS) Sen. Hillary Clinton is leading Sen. Barack Obama among most religious groups, with the exception of black Protestants and those practicing non-Christian religions or no religion, a new Gallup Poll says. Clinton held a 56 percent to 37 percent lead […]

Rest for the weary

c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) As colleagues and I snapped at each other under the pressure of Holy Week duties, I resonated with how a friend describes herself six months into starting a congregation: “Exhausted, run down and emotional.” I felt that state as we cycled through a full slate of complex liturgies, competing […]

Girl’s death could test faith-healing law

c. 2008 Religion News Service PORTLAND, Ore. _ The case of a 15-month-old girl who died for lack of medical treatment could become the first test of a state law that disallows faith healing at the expense of a child’s life. Ava Worthington died March 2 at home in Oregon City from bacterial bronchial pneumonia […]

Girl’s death could test faith-healing law

c. 2008 Religion News Service PALERMO, N.Y. _ Members of the Gobind Sadan USA temple hurried with last-minute chores last Saturday morning (March 22) as they prepared to dedicate their new temple. Adults readied musical instruments and food, while children played with balloons on a floor covered with Oriental carpets and white sheets. And then, […]

Does the Pope keep kosher?

The Catholic Church has come a long way since members could fall afoul of the Spanish Inquisition by showing an aversion to pork, arousing suspicions that they were “judaizers” or “crypto-Jews.” An Italian Catholic website reports that Pope Benedict’s favorite pastries come from a kosher bakery in Rome’s historic Jewish Ghetto. According to the chef, […]