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c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Oprah Winfrey has become a catalyst for a new journalistic project and increasing news coverage by conservative Christians questioning and criticizing her spiritual beliefs. Some evangelical Christians have voiced alarm that Winfrey is introducing the 46 million viewers who watch her each week to nontraditional spirituality they don’t condone. […]


  1. Jesus was clear on this. He told us that none shall come to the Father but through me. Thus he is our destiny, not this commercial opportunist. Once again, I am glad I don’t own a TV.

  2. There are many alternatives available to Tolle’s book being promoted by Oprah that are more in line with traditional Christian doctrine dating back nearly 2000 years. For example, “Journeying on Holy Ground” is a great “how to live life” book that is totally consistent with the Scriptures. You can check it out at

  3. As I write this, I am watching Oprah on tv, expounding the virtues of exploiting, sorry, hiring poor women in India, to be surrogate mothers for Americans unable to conceive – at a bargain price of only $12,000! She’s talking with a rich, unmarried woman who’s left it too late to have a child – but hey it’s her right to a mother! Have money will buy!
    Our society encourages us to lead sexually liberated lives. This leads to sexually transmitted diseases, which are escalating at an alarming rate – condoms cannot protect against against some of these viruses, which leave women infertile.
    So, forget about exploiting third world women. The buck should stop here. Children are not a right but a privilege. Not everyone can conceive – if we did away with abortion we would have plenty of babies available for adoption! But oh, I forgot, it’s a woman’s right to choose abortion.

  4. Margie Reilly

    I keep thinking of her former live-in relationship with her “boyfriend” Stedman. Christians get married, they don’t set up households with their boyfriends and publicly live an unchaste lifestyle.I am told by scripture and I know from experience that living the Christian life does not necessarily make one wildly popular. In fact, it often leads to persecution, scorn, and the sufferings that Christ experienced with the rejection of the masses. So, when someone is so very popular, so beloved by all, I question whether they are truly living the Christian life and in Oprah’s case, she supports the wicked. In fact, she supports a one term Senator from Illinois who votes “present” or against all legislation attempting to protect human life and limit abortion. She promotes this man as a candidate for president of the U.S.A. and yet he is okay with murdering newborns who escape the abortionists’ knives.So, she seeks ratings, she seeks popularity, she seeks to please the majority of folks with utter disregard for scripture. With regard to adultery, murder, etc, Oprah makes those who embrace such practices into American heroes. Thus, actors and actresses who divorce over and over again flaunting their marriages are idolized on her show. This is not Christ. This is not Christianity. I have Baptist friends who are bible reading, God-fearing, church going people of God.I wonder at the Last Judgement will Oprah and Obama simply vote, “present”? And while it is true that ignorance of the Truth may make one less culpable, Oprah is squandering her opportunity to present the truth. She has been exposed to the truth but it would make her “unpopular” to openly profess her Christianity as many of her brothers and sisters in Christ are taking the heat she does not want to take.

  5. Considering this is the United States of America where freedom of religion is allowed, Oprah has the right to believe as she wishes. She also has the right to tell others of her beliefs. Those who disagree don’t have to believe as she does. It’s no big deal. The major problem with evangelical Christians is they feel they have the right to demand everyone else believes as they do. They do not respect free will of a soul. So, if you have issues with Oprah, turn the channel and force those who you control to turn the channel. But do not expect those who are different than you to suddenly think you have power over their thought and that they will obey you, because you don’t and they won’t. Why not go about your merry way, allow others the same, and let God be the only judge for a change, okay?

  6. Mary Dee: as far as I am concerned Oprah could invent her own religion. Which, in fact, she truly has by taking bits and pieces from various occult sources and doing just that.However, when one proclaims to be a Christian, it seems to me that one should profess a profound belief in God, in Jesus, in the Holy Spirit. One should spend time in prayer, in church worshipping with other believers. One should not say, “I am a Christian” while fornicating openly with her boyfriend and accepting and promoting child sacrifice(abortion), adultery and other things contrary to scripture.Thus, if she wants to say, I am a Christian but I pick and choose my beliefs based on what will make me popular, what suits my lifestyle, and what feels good to me…then, she is really an apostate and should say so.Oprah’s message is that the Christian can openly fornicate, abandon their marriage, kill their children through abortion, and still without a bit of repentance, say that they love the Lord. Huh?

  7. I was just reading Jude 15 this morning. It was about false teachers who have slipped into the Christian churches and are misleading believers. He urges believers to be careful not to follow their call to immorality. He talks about the judgement of these false Christians in the end times…I won’t wannabe Oprah! He said, “Woe to them!”He said these false Christian teachers operate on instinct like unreasoning animals. They reject authority and slander God. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they give themselves up to sexual immorality. They deny Jesus Christ as the our only Sovereign and Lord. They change the grace of God into a liscense for immorality. They are like clouds without rain, blown along with the wind… Joel refers to them as “blemishes” who feast with Christians, but who are shepards of only themselves. They have taken the way of Cain and Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these false Christians infiltrating holy places. These people are described as following their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.Strange that I read this passage this morning on the day I read this article about the Big O! The other O – bama, belongs to a chruch that teaches the goodness of homosexuality, abortion, coveting, hatred and racial separation and resentment. Obama attended that church to flatter others for his own political advantage. He and Oprah are made for one another.In the end, we are not to worry. False Christians are going to lose. They may be popular today, but they are going to straight to hell in the end. We are supposed to warn them and the ones they try to lead astray as best we can. But ultimately, they will be facing God.

  8. Who cares what Oprah believe? I certainly don’t, I’ve never watched more than 90 seconds of any of her programs. What I do care about is the false advertising that she employs in order to recruit others to her belief system. The Tolle book for instance is a pseudo bible that offers falsehood as fact. If she were promoting toothpaste using that technique the FDA would put a stop to it.If Oprah or others want to evangelize, citing as authority Christian theology and Christ’s message, they should actually use the material they cite. I feel sorry for those who trust her. Remember, if you want to learn something it is best to go to the source of information. The Bible will not teach popularity or celebrity techniques and television entertainers will seldom if ever offer useful advice on morality.

  9. I think oprah has lost it. She’s a nice lady who has done alot of good however she’s gone overboard. I was deeply sorry that she didn’t adopt that little boy whom stuck by her side and she almost took home with her. It would have been the best thing in the world to Love a little angel from heaven that needed to be loved. Then she wouldn’t have so much time trying to ” find the way “. Just live your life helping others when you can, loving God and thanking him everysingle day and watch what happens. Go back to the basics Oprah, why not have people on who have been to Medugorje Bosnia. where our Blessed Mother is appearing with messages for the world as we are in a terrible state. If you allow all these new age people on why not allow good strong faithful people on to speak the truth. I will continue to pray for Oprah and all who have been lead astray by her show. May God Bless Oprah and lead her back home.Yours in Christ,Sharon a proud Christian
    Sharon proud to call myself Christian.

  10. To whom much is given, much is expected in return. Rich and powerful Oprah is meaning well in helping the underprivileged, but I’d worry about her soul along the way. What has always bothered me about Oprah is her lifestyle – living with a man without the blessing of marriage is sending the wrong message to our young people. That’s in the 10 Commandments, Oprah. She’s a cafeteria Christian – picking and choosing what feels good to her.


  12. I, too, agree with Sharon and Bernadette….Oprah needs our prayers. I’ve always thought, when I USE TO watch her show, why doesn’t she ever have those people on that have and are receiving visions of Our Lady and Our Lord, or receiving inner locutions….for me in other words…Catholic individuals in those positions…and revealing all the wonderful, “good fruits” that are coming from them. They’re real and they’re happening now…in our day and time..yet all the media, no matter what venue, wants the public to know is their perception of the world, which is very secular, thereby controlling what we hear and see. If something very miraculous, religious or even just plain Catholic, got put on the air, let alone Oprah’s show, we’d never hear the end of it as being “forced” or “pushed” on us (public) and who knows what uproar would take place! It’s really sad because what “IT” all comes down too is being a TRUE follower of Jesus Christ and not being afraid to stand up and live it! Popular or not! God help us all, and right now….Oprah and her clan!

  13. Bernadette Gurski

    here’s a book for her—Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney—about how the Jesuits are the longest surviving Company—lets get an Oprah read on that—

  14. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch Oprah, then she could touch many lives and bring many people to conversion. Come on Oprah, I dare you. Live the true Christian life, which means Loving the Lord your God with all your heart, body, soul and mind, loving others as you should love yourself. Invite me onto your show let me share about Medjugorje, Croatia, where Our Lady appears daily for the last twenty seven years to six visionaries. Why is she appearing? To change our hearts, how can we change our lives, to bring Jesus into our lives, how do we find true peace? only through a personal relationship with her son Jesus. Oprah, you can change so many peoples lives, if only you will witness to the only way, the truth, and the light. Jesus Christ. I will keep you in prayer because I don’t think you know that you are misguided. Have you got the peace that passeth all understanding, joy, love? Jesus. Open your bible and read St Paul, he used to persecute Christians, until his experience of Jesus, he then fought in the same way to convert wherever he went. You could have an inspirational effect on millions if you would evangelise to the love of Jesus. This means no to abortion, divorce,violence, drugs, evil and so many sins that are accepted today, what a wonderful world for our future children if we could live simply, in love of one another.I am truly praying that you will use the power you have for bringing many people to Christian conversion.

  15. I think Oprah is getting carried away with her popularity and causing herself to think she suddenly knows “the truth” and the rest of the world is deceived. I would say, quite the opposite is true. There are many who born Christians but lose the way as they continue on in life. She is definitely one of them. All Christians, pray that she gets back on track. She is risking the loss of her immortal soul.

  16. Hello Margie,
    Oprah calls herself a Christian, I am not the person to judge whether she is or not, as I don’t know what is in her heart. There are a gazillion types of Christians out there, put them all in the same room and they will start arguing about who is the “real” Christian. I see it all the time. It’s their way or the hell way for everyone who doesn’t interpret scripture exactly as they do.In my eyes, God created her and loves her just as she is, that’s enough for me. She says she’s a Christian, fine, I figure it’s God’s job to tell her she’s not. You shouldn’t be concerned for her soul as you do not own her soul and you cannot know her as God does.

  17. Dear Mary Dee,Oprah is seen by her own words by us and we are supposed to discern the truth of those words from a Christian point of view given she preaches in the name of Christianity. We are not supposed to be mindless and careless robots in our spiritual and phyical life.Yes, there are many Christians who totally agree with Oprah who deny Jesus’ divinity. There are many who celebrate sin of homosexuality because it is the new fad of the day just as abortion was ushered into America. These are folks blowing in the winds of “whatever.” They have always been with us.The Bible warns Christians about them; for us not to be misled by them and tells us to pray for them and warn them and the people they try to mislead. That is politically incorrect and makes Christians who are convicted by the faith furious. They killed Jesus for doing that to false Jewish leaders and teachers of His time. They kill Christians for doing it throughout history and even today. It is much easier to go along to get along. But that is not what Christians are supposed to do. Oprah has the right to preach anything she makes up and believes. Christians have the right to condemn it when it is false and destructive to the truth of the faith. Disagreeing with Oprah creates conflict among her followers and those who shrink from conflict; but that is the way it was with Jesus and still is with the Christians who follow His example. You are right that the Lord is Oprah’s final judge.

  18. Margie Reilly

    Mary Dee: if we are to love one another, we need to take as many souls to heaven with us as we possibly can do. I sure am happy to know that you could care less whether I end up in heaven or hell. That does not sound like the Christ who died an agonizing and painful death on the cross in all innocence to open the gates of heaven for His wedding banquet.I can say that I am a “turtle” but by my fruits you will know me. Just saying I am a turtle does not make me a turtle. Anymore than saying I am a Christian while I go around breaking all ten commandments, unrepentant makes me a Christian. If I am a Christian, I follow Jesus. I take up my cross and live as He commanded. No man can serve two masters. And, Oprah cannot be serving the worldly and at the same time denouncing the world to follow Jesus. That’s incompatible.Is she deceived? Yes, Oprah is deceived. Is she in error? Yes, Oprah is in error. Can she be saved? Yes, if she repents and denounces the things of this world. Otherwise, she can have everything in this world and suffer the loss of her soul. Let us pray that she can open her eyes, see the signs of the times and repent.And, if she puts out a call for Medjugorje pilgrims, I am available having just returned in June 2008. The opportunity to witness to the power and fruits of Medjugorje would be fabulous. Mary, TAKE OVER!

  19. In reply to Mary Dee, Margie Reilly and Sara have answered your comments exactly in my thoughts. Mary if we say we are a Christian or a Muslim, Hindu, Bhuddist or whatever, and we are in a position to encourage people, even though we are not perfect, and never will be, we need accurate information about what we are representing, this is what I am trying to convey.I know Oprah calls herself a Christian, and I also agree that the final judgement is God’s decision.
    I don’t judge Oprah or anybody, it is not my business.
    I also agree that God created her and everybody, and loves us all unconditionally.
    The message I am trying to get across is this. If we say we are a Christian, especially in a position of popularity, people will notice, whether we like it or not. the fruits we bear, if we support a certain lifestyle which is far removed from following Jesus, we are giving the wrong impression to those that are not Christians, example is the way we can help to bring others to want what we have. I know that nobody is perfect, but, we need to see that if we accept and maybe support abortion,drug abuse, homosexuality, divorce, fornication, etc, (I am speaking in general now,) why would anyone want to become Christian. If we can see that there is so much unhappiness in the world today due to break up of marriage, drug, alcohol abuse, abortion, homosexuality. I am not judging, only expressing as a Christian that it is my responsibility to try to my utmost through Jesus to live with true family, Christian values.
    I can say I am a sheep, but maybe I am really a wolf. Marjie

  20. R Kellersberger

    I am not sure what kind of Christianity Oprah is practicing,
    however, I think she is treading on thin ice!She has moved so far away from our true christian values and
    beliefs, that is is scary. I will pray for her to find her way “back”

  21. Quite frankly I have never understood the popularity of Oprah. She has always irritated me with her know it all attitude and fake joviality. I think she professes to be Christian simply to keep her Christian audience. People talk about her many charitable contributions but Christ himself advised us to keep our good works secret so that the Father in Heaven will reward us. I believe Americans need to get themselves a better role model.

  22. “the way we can help to bring others to want what we have”Maybe they don’t want what you have. Maybe they know something you don’t and have what they want already.Watch her fruits and make your decision but don’t presume you can create a planet full only of people that think just like you. Personally, I’ve never heard her try to sell Jesus to anyone. She’s not pretending to represent nor speak for any Christian church.”I sure am happy to know that you could care less whether I end up in heaven or hell.”Because I know you are not capable of hell. Unconditional Love is not a game with winners and losers. A discerning soul knows the difference between someone selling love and someone selling fear.

  23. MaryYou don’t seem to be listening. In a nutshell, simply.Whoever professes to be a Christian especially if they are popular and in the media, their views should imitate Christian values, I don’t want clones of myself, I am sure there are many nicer people than myself in the world. It seems many have their views on worldly issues, but when opposed in a Christian way, it seems to upset many people, this is only my Christian view.Marjie

  24. Margie Reilly

    Last night, the Christian Oprah was oozing with compassion for sperm bank children. That is, let’s see if we can avoid God’s plan for Creation through the family and create our own reality. This means that there are half siblings out there who will never know each other. This means that there is a potential for incest between siblings who do not realize they have come from the same father. O, what compassion, our dear Christian Oprah has for these victims of their mother’s blind desires to have a child!Hey, Oprah, that is not the original intent of the Creator, is it? Study Genesis. Otherwise, Abraham could have ditched Sara, donated to the local sperm bank and God would not have been necessary…Honestly, when human beings play God, they can make quite a mess of it. But, not to worry, Oprah is there to tell them it is all okay and anything goes despite the problems from deviating from the Creator and His plan.I guess I will have to let her know about Christopher West and the Theology of the Body which is based on the late John Paul II’s writings and teachings to the church. We all have a responsibility as Christians to embrace the truth of God’s plan for us as human beings to be loving and self donating. This does not include donating to sperm banks as Oprah is so willing to champion.

  25. Mary Dee,If you read the Bible, you will find nothing of God’s “unconditional love” for those who sin, slander and reject Him. Jesus offered up his life on the cross for God’s forgiveness for those who repent. For example, he saved the whore about to be stoned in the public square by say “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” But he also told the whore after he rescued her – “go and sin no more.” That was both forgivness of her sin and a warning to her to sin no more. Now why would he warn her to stop sinning if there is unconditional love and forgivness without repentance?God does not love unconditionally. That is a fib of the “new agers”. He has a lot of conditions we must struggle to obey in order to prove ourselves as His people. Jesus also said to Christians that if they deny Him in life, he will deny them in heaven. That is not “unconditional” love and it is tareted at the unrepentent. Jesus offers Christians forgiveness; with the added deminsion of repentence. Repentance is seeing and admitting what we did wrong and doing our best to do better in the future. As we fail in weakness and sin again, but we repent and keep trying, His forgiveness is not limited (lucky for me!). Some confuse that with the New Age concept of “unconditional love” meaning no matter what we do, God loves us all. Ever hear of Noah and the flood or of Sodom and Gomorrah? Did God wipe these folks off the face of the earth out of unconditional love for committed sinners? Sin is evil. It wrecks and defiles God’s Creation. He does not take kindly to it.You are correct in that not everyone has to or will beleive Christianity – even people like Oprah who call themselves Christians. He gave us free will and we can go anyway we choose to go in life and some of that will please God and some of that will infuriate Him. Fearing God’s wrath is not a bad thing; “fear is bad” – another New Ager twisted idea. Fear of real danger is good.

  26. God is Love: It’s Unconditional
    God is Love, and His love is very different from human love. God’s love is unconditional, and it’s not based on feelings or emotions. He doesn’t love us because we’re lovable or because we make Him feel good; He loves us because He is love. He created us to have a loving relationship with Him, and He sacrificed His own Son (who also willingly died for us) to restore that relationship.

  27. Catherine Gilsenan

    Peace, everyone!I think that is the message Oprah is trying to convey. Especially with her work with Eckhart Tolle, who also believes in God, by the way.You all seem to be very judgemental and sure of yourselves.
    Perhaps if you calmed down and looked deep within yourselves you will hear the quiet voice of peace and wisdom.We don’t need to be at each other’s throats. We need to learn from each other, and we won’t be able to do that if we are “chattering” and not “listening” to what each other is saying and what Jesus within us is saying!

  28. In response to Marjie Reilly. We are gently being brain washed into accepting living together outside marriage, Euthanasia, abortion, divorce, marriage to same sex couples, adoption for same sex couples, artificial insemination, cloning of animal and human embryo’s. We are fed good reasons for these changes, by people who seem to have knowledge, are we blind, can we not see when such situations are slowly grinding down real family life, and we can see that this is causing much unhappiness in the world. Is somebody going to say NO to this lack of respect to humanity.

  29. Margie Reilly

    Yes, Marjie. Exactly. I live in a society where we are all chanting, “Peace, Peace!” But as it says in the bible, “And there is no peace.”The father of Lies would love to attack and destroy the family. Why? Out of sheer jealousy. God is family. He is father, son and spirit in a communion of love. If Satan can destroy the family, he can destroy us. He tries to tell us that divorce is good. He tries to tell us that adultery is good. He tries to tell us that being unchaste is admirable. What lies! He tries to tell us to “make our own babies in a test tube.” Is this what being conceived in love is all about?Oprah embraces many of the lies that Satan cunningly presents to us. She makes it all seem so good, so nice, so normal, so wholesome. But is it? Our families are breaking down because of the acceptance of all things as good. Some things are not good. There are moral absolutes and what should disturb those who nod their heads at Oprah’s shows is that she has no moral compass. “It’s all good!” And a lie is still a lie and the truth is still the truth even if it hurts you to learn that you have embraced a lie.

  30. CatherineI am not being judgemental, I don’t feel I am any better than anybody else.Sometimes to find Peace we need to speak. We are expressing opinions primarily that anything goes today, we shouldn’t sit back and accept rubbish from so called Christians, It is sometimes wrong to keep quiet when we need to speak out in the name of Jesus for decency.I agree we need to listen to each other, we also need to speak out before it is too late on the items I have referred to in the above text.Can I ask you do you not think we should have an opinion on these changes, which will affect your children, grandchildren in the future.I am not personally attacking any one person, only that we need to be awake to what is happening in our society.I have peace in my heart, I love Jesus, I love people. Marjie

  31. Catherine Gilsenan

    Yes, it is important to speak out about things.But it is also fundamentally and essentially about doing the loving thing, and loving the person, whilst trying to correct the “sins” of society (abortion, etc) where the sanctity of human life has been cast aside.But what Eckhart Tolle is trying to say (and thus Oprah), is that, in order to attempt to heal society, one has to start with inner peace, which will emanate out to others. (I know this sounds “hippy” and “corny”, but this is what Jesus was about – not about the rules and regulations).

  32. I do not judge people individually, in fact I help people daily that have suffered through abortions, drugs, divorce, etc. I have found the love of a personal Jesus and through this I work with vulnerable people, a work which I love dearly, to be truthful, I have never judged one person in my life. I have supported many drug addicts in recovery, comforted those who have had abortions, I don’t judge them because by the Grace of God I could be in this position.We seem to be getting misled in what I am trying to say. I care so much about people that out of love I am speaking out for family, including my own, that so much is accepted today that is not seen as wrong, that we need to see right from wrong, as an example my grandchildren see daily that to be blatantly gay is ok, to have an abortion in your lunch break is normal to want more material goods, and the ‘best brand names’ is normal, to divorce if you have had enough or maybe not marry at all. I believe as a Christian we should stand up for Christ, we are his apostles, his voice, his hands, his feet, his ears on earth. Read St Paul, I don’t think he kept quiet.

  33. Margie Reilly

    At all times, we need to be guided by the light and truth of Christ Jesus. There can be no peace when we ignore God’s gifts to us: greatest of which is His Son Jesus.Micah reminds us in 6.8 “This is what Yahweh asks of you: only this, to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God.”When we fail to speak out for the least among us(the unborn, the fatherless, the poor, the sick) and we encourage others to abort their children, we are not acting with justice. We are not loving tenderly and we are not walking humbly with our God. We are unjust, we are unloving, we are arrogant and proud. We can be beloved by all the world but embracing lies puts us squarely at odds with Jesus.

  34. “God does not love unconditionally. That is a fib of the “new agers”. He has a lot of conditions we must struggle to obey in order to prove ourselves as His people. Jesus also said to Christians that if they deny Him in life, he will deny them in heaven. That is not “unconditional” love and it is tareted at the unrepentent”
    ———–Such a God is definitely NOT WORTHY of MY love. Sorry but No Thanks. I will gladly decline this threat and would rather not exist than serve a monster, a sadistic one too alas.Maybe this “Hell” is where Love actually goes. Because, if it’s as you indicate, love is not found within your “heaven” Just a taudry copy of fake platitudes. I cannot love freely when I am threatened with totally annhilation. If my creator cannot honestly love me as he/she purposefully created me to be, it’s best not to have ever been born than bow down to someone brandishing a whip and loving us when we suffer. Oh my…Especially when we suffer.There is a thin line between a holy, religious man who flogs himself bloody to offer his suffering “to God” and a sinful man who whips his wife and she him for sexual gratification. Someone programmed them to equate suffering with holyness on one hand and pleasure on the other. One man is deemed holy. The other is deemed evil. If you look closely, the suffering is valued and the line between the two men virtually disappears.A discerning soul notices the similarities and searches for the lie.Why is your God angry?Most crosses have Jesus still hanging there, bleeding in agony.
    And every single year he is crucified all over again.
    He raises up to heaven and then next thing you know, is right back on the cross suffering again.
    Without end.No wonder he’s expected to come back angry and ready to kick behinds. :O)Namaste.

  35. The minute you tell someone they are wrong about God and you are right, you have judged them.

  36. Dear Namaste,That is your God given right of free will to reject God’s authority over you. You can reject the moral authority of God and embrace the opposite or nothing at all. It is all up to you, Namaste. But the Bible is quite clear. God does judge us all in the end and He makes clear how we are to live our lives in His creation in a loving way. I have no idea how He will judge you or Oprah. You may view that judgement of God as sadistic, evil or whatever you desire. Free will, Namaste! I view judgement as God having created life He loves and does not put up with it being debased,confused and tortured with sin. Sin has outcomes in life that harms humanity. If you beleive in science read about the sad outcome for God’s children when their parents commit the sin of adultery. The outcome of suffering is true for every one of the ten commandments. That is why sin is not acceptable to God. It is unloving or destructive to love.When a Christian names behavior wrong, based on what the Bible says, that is not judgement. Stoning or murdering a sinner (like the Old Testement)is human judgement that Christ denounced. He said leave this aspect of judgement to God. Christians can and must reject the sin preached by Oprah, but love the sinner. That is not judgement. Judgement is God’s job.

  37. Dear Catherine Gilsenan,How can we arrive at inner peace if we do not know right from wrong; love from hate? In the times I have been in sin, I have NO inner peace until I repent and turn away from that sin. In the times I am not sinning “treating others as I would want to be treated”, I have inner peace. So one can not speak of inner peace without acknowledging the major block to inner and outter peace – sin. Oprah, as a Christian, is saying that one can have inner peace even while they are in sin. Does that match your experience and truth in life?

  38. ========== OPRAH IS PREACHING THE DEMONIC ==========Oprah has been endorsing A Course in Miracles, which is a New Aga guide to channeling spirit guide. Whenever anyone gets involved in spirit guide and becomes a Christian, the spirits reveal their true natures – demonic beings who begin tormenting the person because they are now followers of Jesus. spirits know Jesus, they have to obey Jesus and they hate when people turn their lives over to God instead of the workers of Satan.

  39. Some of the posts remind one of the Tower of Babel. It appears that the main difference seems to be between those who believe in “We accept” and those who state “I want it My Way”. It is typical to see the posts of those who who want all the “goodies” and none of the responsibilities. clash with those who want to tell everyone what is Truth. I can only repeat the shortest verse in the Bible: “Jesus wept”

  40. Catherine Gilsenan

    I have had a look, and a listen, to Marianne Williamson on Oprah’s website.Seems to me that she is not dismissing the Truth, but rather seeking to help us understand ourselves and our world by use of psychology.There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, psychology, psychoanalysis, as well as an understanding of Eastern thinking can truly help us go deeper in our Faith in God. It does not oppose it.Why the controversy?

  41. This is turning into an interesting theological discussion, as interesting as the article. Mary Dee, I have to say that your criticism of the women here who are giving very good reasons for the importance of discernment concerning faith in Christ is sounding quite judgmental in itself.The heart of the problem is that most so-called Christians are biblically ignorant. Even if you were born into a nominal Christian family, it doesn’t give you a ticket to heaven. You must examine the Word itself. When you do, you will realize you can’t choose what to believe like picking items from a Chinese menu — one from column A, two from column B. God revealed everything in the scriptures. He is an all loving God, but he is also a just God. There are consequences to sin, and since sin is a falling short of the the glory of God, we are all sinners. It’s a problem that we can’t fix. Since God is so loving, he gave us an airtight solution. He Himself paid our debt. All we have to do is claim it and we may enter heaven on his merit, not our own.This may sound ridiculous to the unsaved and I can’t explain it to you because it is an experiential thing. If you ever really want to know the truth, you will have to petition God himself for the answer. Bring all your doubts and reservations. He can handle it. You have to want it with every fiber of your being, and if you bring that passion to God with the question, He will give you the answer. If you ever have an encounter with the true living God, you will be filled with an overwhelming sense of His love which is like nothing else on earth. And then you will realize that anyone who calls him or herself a Christian, who parrots a Polyanna brand of “Christianity” with an everybody-gets-a-free-ride pass, even when they deny specifically what Christ said, you know they are not there yet.While God unconditionally accepts ANYONE who comes to Jesus with a pure and humble heart, He does not and will not embrace and celebrate the very sin that separates us from Him. The God that the people on this comment list are trying to describe to you is not a sadistic monster. The sadistic monster is the father of lies who packages sweet sounding things, like what Oprah is peddling, that might make you feel good for a while (and oh so superior to us Christ lovers) but will prove to separate you from God, ultimately and eternally. THAT is angry and ugly.Namaste this, Mary Dee…If we are all partying in a building that has a door on each side, and I get a call from my fireman father to tell me there is a fire raging that we can’t see yet, and that 3 of the doors have been compromised and the only way out is the door I wouldn’t have taken if I hadn’t gotten the call….and on my way to that door I scream to everyone in the room that this is the ONLY door to take if they want to live, and most laugh and ridicule and just know that their door is just fine thank you, am I going to stop telling everyone I can what has been revealed to me? Jesus is the door, Mary Dee. You can laugh or ridicule or you can run for your life. It’s up to you. The God who breathed life into you is the only one who is capable of breathing life into your eternal soul. You can’t earn it. It’s a gift. And if you choose to reject it, you will have had whatever you are going to have in this life and no more. All those who ask — in His name — will receive. That is not judgmental, or a fake platitude. It’s a lifeline. God isn’t condemning you. You are condemning yourself.Read the book.

  42. Some of you truly need to read the Scriptures, the Word of the One and only Living God. Jesus said “No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” He also said “If ye believe not that I Am He ye shall die in your sins”. We are to try the spirits to see whether they be of God and we are to judge all things through His Word. We are the Light and Salt of the world until the Lord returns and its high past time we started being so. As Jesus also said “Why call me Lord,Lord and do not the things that I say?” She is just another ungodly busybody and as the Bible says “speaking things she ought not!”

  43. Dear N. Waff and Elizabeth:N. Waff, “The Course on Miracles” involvement explains a lot! I know woman who had to be committed for she lost all touch with reality after doing the course and could not function (work, care for her children, nor keep herself clean.) She had a mental breakdown. It took a long time for her to recover her own mind and focus. I helped her with her kids while she recovered her mind and soul.Elizabeth, Jesus is not a crybaby His life was not dedicated to crying over the struggle between God and evil. He knew evil was going to be on earth after He returned to Heaven. He told us He would send the Holy Spirit to us as a voice to guide us in the continuing struggle with evil. So I don’t think it makes Him cry when he sees Christinas confront false teachers and sin. Conflict does not make Him cry; He was an instigater – the most politically incorrect Man in His walk on earth! He was so powerful in His authority, He and his disciples made rulers and sinners quake. He turned the Jewish world upside down when He was on earth with His not so polite condemnation of Jewish leaders and Rabbis. He got so angry that they were selling in the house of God, he yelled and tossed all their tables over! He cast evil out of people without a tear; rather with a roar of power and authority over evil. He wants Christians to do as He did. He does not want us crying like a bunch of babies because mean people tell us to shut up like they told Him to shut up. They tried to kill Him. He wants us to call on Him for the knowledge, power and strength to defeat evil’s grip over God’s children. US slavery was defeated by Christians. The Civil Rights movement was led and fed by Christians. What a mess they caused to the evil order of things and often they were not nice to their opponents! The ending of this struggle is already foretold. His followers are supposed to try to rescue as many souls from evil as they can before that end time comes. Jesus is not crying when He sees us struggling.

  44. Hello Catherine Gilsenan,Maryanne Williamson launched her guruship with the Course on Miracles. I have read a lot of her stuff and she is very out of touch with reality, from my point of view. She plays at psychology, psychoanalysis but she is not trained in the field. She makes it up as she goes and she often comes off as a loon. Which is her right. She makes a lot of money off it just like all the other snake oil salesmen before her. She’s free to do this make beleive guru thing she makes up. But Christians ought to not follow her, rather follow Jesus. And if anyone needs psychiactric help; go to a professional – not Maryanne.

  45. Catherine,
    While it may seem totally benign, the course in miracles weaves truth with lies. Anyone who listens without being grounded in scriptures can be led down the wrong path. At one point listening to a question and answer session in this course, the sacrificial death of Christ was portrayed as “the waste of a life” — totally unnecessary. And the audience, along with the teacher, laughed at something so STUPID. To a Christian, who actually believes Christ, it was appalling.The idea of blood sacrifice (blood is the life) as atonement for sin is found throughout the bible. Blood sacrifice ended when the ultimate sacrifice, God’s own blood, was shed once, for all. While we may not understand it, it the main requirement set by God. In the story of Cain and Abel, Cain was a farmer and brought God the fruits of his labors. Abel was a shephard and brought a slaughtered lamb to God. God accepted the lamb from Able and told Cain that his sacrifice wasn’t acceptable. (To those of us who love animals, I can totally understand how Cain would have been upset.)If you bring Russian rubles to a local grocery in the USA, it will be an unacceptable payment, even though that Russian may have worked hard for the money. We have been shown that the blood of Christ is the only acceptable sacrifice to God for forgiveness of sin, whether MaryAnne Williamson likes it or not. She has denied biblical truth and has snookered millions of people into thinking they don’t need what God has said they do. If they read the original, they’d know the truth. But people want to be hand fed feel-good spiritual pablum, even if it will eventually kill them. It always sounds good. And has just enough truth in it to hook the innocent who is ignorant when it comes to biblical study.

  46. I have just come across this video on youtube — Don’t drink the kool-aid:Oprah,Obamah and the occultI ask that you view it and discern for yourselves

  47. Catherine Gilsenan

    Sara and Isabel,I take your points. I did not realise Marianne was not a trained psychologist. And it is very advisable to seek out a trained psychologist who is also a Christian.

  48. Sara, It was quite amazing to read your long tome on “Jesus wept”. I have never heard the interpretation you implied about Luke 19:41 by equating the phrase to “cry-baby”. There are many references in the Bible to “weeping”, and it surely does not suggest lack of strength or wimpishness….I believe it refers to sorrow and regret that Evil exists, and that man is often the conduit. I do suggest that humans can disagree, preferably by not being disagreeable.

  49. Margie Reilly

    Oprah needs to heed the warning at the end of Revelation.”This is my solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book, if anyone cuts anything out of the prophecies in this book, God will cut off his share of the tree of life and of the holy city, which are described in the book.” Rev.22(18-19)Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Franciscan Friar of the Renewal knew the women who wrote Course in Miracles. He tells us that she died cursing her work, cursing the book she wrote and her death was a horrible end. He had personal knowledge of the end of this woman’s life.So,now, if Oprah wants to “add” to scripture, or “subtract” from scripture, she does so with full knowledge that scripture condemns all who act in that manner. Dear Oprah, come back to the Lord and His Divine Mercy while there is still breath in your body!

  50. When much of the church preaches the false gospel that Oprah peddles… kind of hard to point fingers at her… she got it somewhere…When the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES says Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhist, etc, worship the same gOD…These hypocrites are a little bit “selective” in who they point out as preaching false gospels…Until there is a consistent and clear message on all false gospels… there will be this confusion and the Lord will allow the delusion (because the church is not consistently faithful to Him, we are idolaters, idolizing America and man and the world, selectively pointing out the sins of some and ignoring the idolatry in others we like)….

  51. Dear Elizabeth,In the passage you referred to, Jesus wept out of sorrow for what was to happen to the Jewish people in terms of massive destruction. I did not say Jesus never wept. I said He was not a crybaby. You did a good job of distorting what I said because you were angry that I disagreed with your “and Jesus wept” slogan.Although Jesus did weep, Elizabeth, Jesus was not a crybaby. A crybaby is someone, when confronted with situations of conflict, cries because they don’t have the strength to handle the the meaness that comes from evil and attacks them. I think Christians use that slogan too lightly, “and Jesus wept.” They use it as an excuse to avoid conflict with the promoters of sin by pretending conflict makes Jesus weep. Did you ever think Jesus might be angry that Oprha, a Christian woman given so much, has used that wealth and power to deny Him and trick Christians? Maybe He is not weeping, rather moving the spirit of Christians to stop feading the beast. Without viewers, Ophra is toast. At the end time, I would imagine Jesus will weep again for what is to happen to mankind.If you feel distribured with my “long tomes”, don’t read them. Read the Bible; its shorter. :)Love,

  52. My son asked me if the Dali Lama is going to hell since the Dali Lama is not a born again Christian, I said according to the bible, most definitely yes.
    He hasn’t been to our church since.
    How will I and my wife enjoy heaven when my son is suffering and dead to God for an eternity?

  53. Here we go again. Religion is a never ending debate> you can talk and talk about other religion and the other people will not listen if he or she solidly believe in her opinion. right? And even if you buy condoms online cheap, others will still tel you that a birth control is bad. So which will you follow?

  54. Sara I love your thinking. We need to pray for Oprah that she would have eyes to see and ears to hear. That her heart would become soft to once again accept Jesus as Lord as she did in her youth. We as true Christians, need to boycott her show. Stop watching it!! Anyone who denies Christ is Anti-Christ. She has become the Queen of the “New Age Movement”. She has become blind. The blind cant see unless they are guided. We through prayer, can guide her back to the feet of the King. I challenge all of you to say a prayer for her. Katherine

  55. Dear Edgar,My husband’s father was a true Christan and his son, my husband, in his twenties got into Eastern religions and New Age nonsense. He and his dad would argue all the time about Christianity.Then, suddenly at age 30, my husband figured out the shallowness, sham and scam of the New Age ideas and ideals he had been entertaining. They feed young people a lot of anti-Christian fodder and shame. The realization came when he made a trip to stay with Buddist monks for a summer. It was a shocking experience to see the reality of Buddism versus the Utopian myths told to Western young people by false teachers.One day I told my husband, it was time for him to get out of the pattern of arguing against his father about being a Christian. We visited and when his father began preaching at him – something that angered my husband in the past, my husband asked his dad what exactly he wanted. His dad said “I want you to claim the Lord Jesus as your Savior.” So my husband did that for his father as he had already done it for himself. It was true all along as he experimented with New Age ideas all through his twenties. His father got so emotional with such a burden lifted from his sholders and seeing that, my husband appologized for worrying him so. So don’t give up. Nothing is settled in a young person’s development and experimentation. Pray for him every day that Jesus protect and guide him and do not submit your Spiritual authority over him as his dad. Even if it causes discomfort, address and treat him as a Christian. When my son, a scientist, began denying God, I asked him to do one thing for me. I said please research the ten commandments to see if they are true guides to living a loving and peaceful life, scientifically. He did and after that the New Age basis of the lie that there is no right and no wrong – no sin – was popped. And from there it was POP, POP, POP! Now he is a rarity; a Christian who is also a scientist. He did this medical and social science research for me out of his love and respect for me. I beleive he thought he would come home proving the ten commandments were nonsense. So, you have not “lost” your son. He is just wandering in the wilderness for a piece of time as many people do when emmerced in an aggressive anti-Christian culture and educational system of mind control and scorn for “judgemental” Christians. In hindsight, it may have been better for you to say that Jesus said the only way to heaven is through Him; however it is up to God to judge the Dali Lama, not you or him. You can say that next time you see him.Love,

  56. Dear Kathrine,Thank you for what you said about what I have written here. But also realize that what I wrote has came from the school of hard knocks. I am a sinner who struggles like everyone else committed to Jesus in the anti-Christ culture we live in. As I get older, I do get wiser because I have dabbled in just about everything that is wrong and have had to find my way out the messes and confusions I have created with the grace of Jesus. If He can rescue, forgive and love me, He can rescue, forgive and love anyone! That includes Oprah. If her Christian path is like mine, she will crash and burn on the path she is on and seek her way back to her roots in Truth in order to survive the mess she has created.Love,

  57. It is as simple as this…Is the purpose of religion to help people to find peace within themselves that translates to a better, more peaceful world? OR would you rather beat people over the head with YOUR WAY of finding peace? The message of Jesus was to look within for peace that would translate to without. He reminded people that God was already at work in the world through us. He did not say draw lines of division around me and scorn those who do not conform.It is 2000 years later……..When are we going to get it?Oprah is going to help change the world to a more peaceful, equitable place. What are you doing????? COmplaining????

  58. Do I not have eyes and ears and a mind??? This is way old news. I’ve watched Oprah off and on for years and I’ve always known that she has her own brand of christianity. And believe it or not, I figured that out all by myself. I don’t look to Oprah for my spiritual guidance. When her shows are informative I watch them and when she spouts her spiritual drival, I compare it to what the bible says and either toss it or keep it. She obviously needs prayer because she does embrace everything spiritual. So watch her or not…just watch with discernment and pray for her.

  59. Peggy, I have to comment on what you have said.
    re: “Is the purpose of religion to help people to find peace within themselves that translates to a better, more peaceful world? OR would you rather beat people over the head with YOUR WAY of finding peace?”While the purpose of “religion” may be to help people find peace, and Christianity does that, following Christ is different. He offers eternal life, and He clearly says that He is the only way. You can choose to believe Him or not. But that doesn’t change His truth. Anyone who really gets it has to tell people because it is a matter of life and death. Literally. It’s not peace. It is LIFE. Even Jesus said He came to bring a sword that would separate people. He said that anyone who followed him would be as reviled as He was. Your response is a classic example. We believe what the Christ actually said. You apparently don’t. We are not going to “beat people over the head” — you can grasp onto the lifeline like we have or when you leave this life, be dead forever. It’s up to you. But if you require us to state that anything else is equal to this, it’s not going to “The message of Jesus was to look within for peace that would translate to without. He reminded people that God was already at work in the world through us. He did not say draw lines of division around me and scorn those who do not conform.”The message of Jesus was that He conquered death for us. The message of new age gurus is that since there is no death, there is no need for a saviour. For people who are ignorant of the scriptures, it’s no big thing. For people who study the bible and understand, they get kind of upset that someone as misguided as Oprah is leading millions of unstudied and trusting people down a path that ultimately leads to their permanent deaths. Here! Do this and you will be happy! Look at life this way and you will be peaceful! It is the message from the father of lies. Eat from this tree, Eve, and you will live forever and be like God. The peace of God is within us, that is true. The incredible joy someone experiences when they realize the enormity of the gift, is catching! But you confuse a peaceful demeanor with the cause of that peace. They are not one in the same. When you have the assurance that the God who made everything knows you and loves you despite your being far from perfect, and no matter what happens in this life, you know you have an incredible life beyond this one, with Him. Jesus said he came to save “many”, not “all”. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, if you seek Him, you will find Him. If you believe what He said and you recognize him as the promised Messaiah, the gift is yours. If, on the other hand, you say “thanks, but no thanks” you can choose to find a peaceful way to get through this life, and you can have a good life here. But that’s all. re:”It is 2000 years later……..When are we going to get it?
    Oprah is going to help change the world to a more peaceful, equitable place. What are you doing????? COmplaining????”It is said in the bible that at the judgment there will be “great weeping and nashing of teeth.” All those religions, one as good as another, do not have the power to breathe life into you eternally. But then, it will be too late. It is not God who will be condemning you. He is the one who threw you a life preserver. He is the one who said if you don’t grab on, you will drown. Oprah might show you the way to a peaceful life, and a little bit of wisdom here and there couldn’t hurt, right? Unless, of course, it leads you away from the only thing that can save your peaceful little arse!

  60. Sara,Thank you for your kind words. However, I have always impressed upon my family that you cannot pick and choose those parts of the bible that sound pleasant. According to scripture, no man or woman can achieve salvation but through the blood of Jesus Christ. The Dali Lama is not a professed Christian and cannot attain heaven without recognizing the Savior (he’s not a Christian yet, maybe he will recognize that he is dead unless he is saved) and that is why I said the Dali Lama is going to hell. Please recognize my family lives by the final authority of the bible and that it is absolute.My son interprets my views to a parent who would abort a child. But I reminded him that the Father has the right to discard his children if he finds that child has not chosen salvation through his only son. This is not an abortion but the right of the father to rule his house. Thus my wife and I are distressed about the thought of our son being cast out. We are trying to find a way to make him see the light. I hope you are right in that changes can occur and he can discard his demonic ways.Thank you for your words of kindness but given the imminent final judgement, it is difficult for us to contemplate the glory of the Lord in the midst of seeing his eternal damnation. Our faith is tested but we understand God’s eternal love for those of us who have made the correct choice.

  61. I am truly dismayed at the tenor of many of the posts. Oprah is selling her version of christianity (small “c”); I heartily disagree with her interpretation,and will never recommend it to others. However, for ANY HUMAN BEING ( Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddist etc.) to play God by assuming that others who do not agree with them, are going to Hell, is beyond our knowledge. Only God, the Son and the Holy Spirit know who will or will not be chosen. We need to take care of our own souls, not play the Devil’s Game of playing God. If others are not going where you are going, you will know it when you get there. Beware of how you present yourself!!

  62. Excuse me, I thought we had the right of freedom to worship as we are led in our heart.Thats where the Kingdom of God is, regardless of what you may name Him/Her .If you want to talk about deception lets open the Vatican library and vaults to the public so the writings that were not incorporated into “The Bible” are also accessible to ALL.We were to “Love one another” and “Judge not lest we be judged” and “Take the mote from our own eye before attempting to pull the splinter from anothers”.We ask that God forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,in which case I feel sorry for alot of narrow minded people.You cannot convince me that the Dali Llama is going to “Hell” or that a Jewish Rabbi is any less holy than Jerry Falwell. Wake up and smell the coffee, and knock off the witch hunt. Those days are over. Love your neighbor as yourself. Has the entire “Christian” church forgotten the Golden Rule? What Would Jesus Do????????????

  63. Lois,What would Jesus do? He already did it. He came here to die for us. And because He did that, I am assured of eternal life. I don’t have to do anything because it’s a gift. There is nothing I can do to earn it. Thank God for that, because I still find myself sinning from time to time as much as I try to do things God’s way. And while we are not to judge anyone, we ARE called to make sure the offer of the gift is heard by everyone, even as we are warned that we will be reviled for the effort. We are not there to condemn you or judge you or hit you over the head. It’s an offer. You take it or you don’t. Some people get very emotional and it may come across in a mean spirited way, but they are just doing the best they can to communicate what has been shown to them. Jesus said the wide road (everything else) leads to death. He also said the ONLY way to eternal life is through Him. We didn’t make that up to make you feel badly. HE said it. We just take him at His word.This is America. You ARE free to worship as you desire. Those of us who worship Jesus, who we believe is as he was presented — as the Word of God from the beginning of time, the Creator, God Himself. We believe everything he said. The reason we are not to judge anyone is that only God knows the heart of a person. And as long as they have life, there is hope they will come to Him. It’s not that Christians think they are “holier” than others — no one here has said that but you. The difference between Christians and everyone else is that while most people think one belief is just as good as another and sin is an ancient concept that they are just so over… and Christians realize we are all sinners, meaning that we all fall short of the glory of God, and it’s a problem we can’t fix. We realize that it is our sin that separates us from God. And we are thankful that God made a way for us to enter heaven, not on our own merits because that is impossible, but on the worthiness of the sacrifice of His own blood. He did that because He loved us. We share the gospel out of LOVE for you, not judgment. If you see a disoriented man drunk with new age wine, who stumbles onto a major highway with cars coming at him and you run to him and grab his arm and say please follow me to the side of the road and he shakes you off and says how DARE you try to make me go your way, you would probably try a few more times to get him out of danger. Then if he continued to be adamant, you’d get to the side of the road yourself and know that you did everything you could to save him. The decision was ultimately his, and it’s not your fault if he dies. And it’s not God’s fault either, because He sent you to tell the guy how to avoid death. God has told us what we are headed for. Because he loves us and wants all of us to come to Him, He gave us a way out. That is mercy. And compassion. The bible is full of hundreds of prophesies of Jesus so that he would be recognized when he came. He fulfilled every single one. I believe Him. Yes, it is the “narrow way” but that doesn’t mean that we are “narrow minded”. You are free to say how DARE you. But we’ll probably keep trying in spite of your insults. Because many of us have been where you are, myself included. We love you, Lois. What kind of people would we be if we didn’t share God’s incredible gift with you?

  64. You can all write your opinions,thoughts and doctrine but when was the last time any of you presented the gospel of Jesus Christ to someone? When was the last time you prayed with someone who is not saved, but someone at work or a neighbor? When was the last time you fed the hungry or gave of your time and money to someone in need? When was the last time you went to a hospital and prayed for the sick?????
    The Gospel is so simple. John 3:16 says it all. I don’t judge Oprah. It’s not my job. It’s God’s job to judge, the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, and its Jesus job to love and because we are suppose to be Christ like, it is our job to love as well. Love the sinner hate the sin.

  65. I do not judge people individually, in fact I help people daily that have suffered through abortions, drugs, divorce, etc. I have found the love of a personal Jesus and through this I work with vulnerable people, a work which I love dearly, to be truthful, I have never judged one person in my life. I have supported many drug addicts in recovery, comforted those who have had abortions, I don’t judge them because by the Grace of God I could be in this position. We seem to be getting misled in what I am trying to say. I care so much about people that out of love I am speaking out for family, including my own, that so much is accepted today that is not seen as wrong, that we need to see right from wrong, as an example my grandchildren see daily that to be blatantly gay is ok, to have an abortion in your lunch break is normal to want more material goods, and the ‘best brand names’ is normal, to divorce if you have had enough or maybe not marry at all. I believe as a Christian we should stand up for Christ, we are his apostles, his voice, his hands, his feet, his ears on earth. Read St Paul, I don’t think he kept quiet. We keep repeating, we are not about judging, only wanting the truth to be known through our experience of a loving personal God, when you experience this what is in our hearts we want to share with others, not in a judgemental way, we have freely received and in Gods grace trying to freely give. To judge is not the same as to share the good news.

  66. Toadd to my article above, how can we not share this Good News with others, of course others have their own free will and that is their decision, but, we are blessed to know this wonderful God and can only share the love in our hearts with others out of love of Jesus.Trust in me. “I am unfathomable, faithful from the first to the last. My love for you is so wide, so deep, so all-encompassing that you cannot imagine. I reach out to you with all my heart. I love you, my child. “Whatever you do, however bad you feel, even if you shun me and turn your back on me, I will always love you. Even if you have done the most dreadful things, I still love you. I am the way, the truth and the life. I am the love that you seek. The love to heal your wounds, to bind up your inner hurts. “Be encouraged – you are not alone. I am always with you. I knew you before you were born, when you were formed in your mother’s womb. I know every step of your life, every minute, every second. “Turn to me and I will comfort you. You cannot hide from me like you hide from other people. I see into your heart, and I understand. I know about your insecurity, fears, weaknesses, rejection and hurts. Do not worry that I know this; be reassured, because I love you and want the best for you. I am here. “I will not harm you – I came to set you free, free in your heart, free in your spirit. I yearn to bring you into my Kingdom, into my peace. Turn to me, let me in, and I will begin to heal you. There is no outer shell that you can wear that I cannot love through. Be at peace. Do not be afraid. I love you. I AM.”

  67. The spreading of “new gospels” says about the only one thing – the end is not far away. Jesus was saying about the last times and about the untruthful preachers who will be acting greatly at those times.
    So, be attentive people, don’t leave the right way, always pray for this and for those who lost the way!

  68. The question here is not whether Ophra thinks there is only one way to heaven, etc. What it boils down to is she rejects the authority or the Bible. Once one does that, the door is open to believe anything. Thus we see she does. -Dave

  69. I am sorry, I meant to say that what it boils down to is she rejects the authority OF the Bible. Once one does that, the door is open to believe anything. Thus we see she does. -Dave

  70. Margie: “We keep repeating, we are not about judging, only wanting the truth to be known through our experience of a loving personal God, when you experience this what is in our hearts we want to share with others, not in a judgemental way, we have freely received and in Gods grace trying to freely give. To judge is not the same as to share the good news.”First, thanks for all your service to Jesus in helping the drug addicted, the sorrows of abortion, etc. What constitutes “in a judgemental way” to you? You say you never judge; yet you are helping people who are in a mess for having done something wrong and who have hurt themselves. Someone judged something there to see the need for change and healing. Judgement is a large part of healing. Exercising good judgement is a large part of avoiding problems. Judging is politically incorrect in today’s fad; but it is what a Christian does, every day to tell the difference between right and wrong. Rejecting someone who comes for healing out of condemnation of them is not Christian. But judging destructive behavior; sin is absolutely central to healing. I think you confuse “condemning” with “judging.” Jesus does not want us to condemn. That is God’s job. He does want us to judge right from wrong so that we can change and heal or avoid sin. I totally agree with you about not condemning (hating) sinners…but for the grace of God, go I. But judging abortion as destructive and judging drug addiction as destructive is what you do as you help people heal from exercising poor judgement.

  71. SaraI personally judge abortion or drug addiction as destructive, but it is not for me to judge a person that has had an abortion or takes drugs, as only only God knows why we do these things, see’s our hearts, our hurts. As you say, but for the grace of God. In my life I have suffered many crisis, and Praise God that by his Grace I have managed not to turn to drugs or alcohol abuse, but, by his grace am able to support people in situations that many people would turn their back on. I work with a nun, a wonderful Franciscan sister, and she also says, ‘If I had the life experience that some of these people have had that visit our centre, I may react the same as they do.’ So we give our time and support out of love, not in judging, and this is often how we see miracles in the lives of many people that may have been lost, but through a little kindness and attention have come to want to know Jesus and through him their lives may slowly begin to change from the inside.Jesus in the Gospels often mixed with the kind of people we work with, and out of his love for them, their hearts were changed and their lives changed. Do you understand what I am trying to portray. We as Christians in our Cornerstone centre, have love and compassion for all these people and really don’t judge them, after all we all sin in some way, which sin is worse?
    Jesus is love.
    A quote from Mother Theresa, ‘We can do no great things, only small things with great love.’ We judge the sin, but not the sinner. Hope I am making sense. Marjie

  72. OPRAH … from spending several years in Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American racist church, listening to sermons like “God Damn America”, and giving life time achievement awards to the likes of Louis Farrakhan … to her newest opportunistic religious beliefs … who could possibly take Oprah seriously? This woman’s ego is soooo big, being a billionaire celebrity isn’t enough, she has to start her own religion … not to mention all the additional money she is going to make selling all those book, tapes, CD’s, etc. to her poor followers. Oprah’s new power hungry ambitions include efforts to replace traditional America with Obama … and access to a President she puts into office … to her efforts at replacing Christianity with a new religion she controls. I think it’s time for America to deny Oprah access to our television sets.

  73. Ophra is not a Christian. One can call oneself a Christian but it simply does not wash when we compare her claim to be a Christian to her beliefs and rejection of the authortity of the Bible. No judging here. Once one goes public with a claim to be a Christian, we can compare her claim to her beliefs and statements. And so, in doing, it is very patently clear that Ophra is an amalgemation of things and beliefs she is attracted to and likes. The Bible speaks of this type of activity. I think no where is it better than in Jugdges where it states the people were away from God because “everyone did what they thought was right in their own eyes”. The Lord of the Bible has gone on record very clearly how to have a relationship with Him, His expectations, etc. this is why it also states, “there is no excuse for the wicked”. Ophra wicked? You bet. OK, I had my say. -Dave

  74. Cris’s Corner: Oprah’s New Age Movement Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;( 1 Timothy 4)
    But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. (2Timothy 3:13)
    But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. (2 Peter 2) Oprah got a new gospel! She has lost her faith in the God of the bible and now she is promoting this New Age Movement. During this teaching, I am going to use the term ‘New Age Movement’ so many times I will abbreviate it like so, NAM. The first statement out of Jesus mouth after His disciples asked, “What shall be the sign of your coming and the end of the world?” was “take heed that no one deceives you…” Spiritual deception is a false Christianity. Please do not be deceived by the NAM. It is here. Oprah and Eckhart Tolle are promoting this doctrine of demons. What is the NAM? It is based on Eastern mysticism, Hinduism, and Paganism. They do not conform to the biblical text, but take scriptures and use out of context. They also encourage astrology, mysticism, and magic. The NAM believes everything and everyone is God. People have unlimited power and need to discover it. NAM doubts Jesus is the savior, but believes He is a spiritual model and guru. They emphasize Jesus was apart of NAM who tapped into divine power in the way that anyone can. NAM claims He did not rise physically, but “rose” into a higher spiritual realm. They believe in no eternal life. NAM discredits a literal heaven and hell. What is wrong with this picture? Paul said, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed (Galatians 1:8). Paul is saying, anybody; be it man or angel, teach another gospel is condemned already. The gospel of Jesus Christ is this: God invaded earth in the flesh and died for our sins on the cross and rose three days later and according to Acts 1:11, this same Jesus! This same Jesus ascended into the heavens visually, physically, literally and will in like manner return visually, physically, and literally! Anyone teaching another doctrine let them be cursed! There- is- no- other- way- to- heaven- but- through -Jesus –Christ- the Son-of- the- living-God! John 3:36 reads, He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life (John 6:47). The bible says, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12). There will come a time when they will not endure sound doctrine. That time is now. But I put this on my life. That at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow! Oprah will bow. Tolle will bow. Every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Whether they do it now or later, it will come to pass. The NAM is a false doctrine propagated by Oprah and that theology will crumble to dust. In conclusion, Dr. Vance Harner writes: the devil is not fighting religion; he is too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity so much like the one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it…we are plainly told in the scriptures that in the last days men will not endure sound doctrine and will depart from the truth and heap to themselves teachers to tickle their ears. We live in an epidemic of this itch, and popular preachers have developed ear tickling to a fine art. Today, the angle is to avoid negative preaching and accentuate only the positive. Dr. Harner wrote these words thirty years ago.

  75. im sorry to say but you all are hypocrits, you are mad at her for pushing her opinion on you, when you push your opinion on people everyday,if everybody would quit fighting each other over religion it would be a much more peaceful world.

  76. The Word of the Lord is not OPINION! It is life and truth and the only life and truth in this evil wicked world. Jesus came with that life and it is truly the hypocrites that reject even the Word of the Living God and pervert it for their own evil and use, and those of Satan who say, live and let live while embracing the evil on mankind. Look at our world today just as the Lord said “As in the days of Noah.” Oprah is leading many to destruction through her words or should I say Satan,s words? True Christianity is not RELIGION but Life Eternal through the Scriptures and simple faith in Christ Jesus.