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Westboro Baptist Church founder, Fred Phelps, center, sporting the latest advancement in sunglass technology Americans who had hoped their neighbors to the north would kindly take the Westboro Baptist Church off their hands were dealt a setback, Thursday, when Canadian border officials denied members of the church entry into the country. The protesters were heading […]


  1. I am glad that the people of Canada denied the members of Westboro Baptist Church into the country. The not so Reverend Fred Phelps and his so called followers are breaking the law. Our mission if we choose to accept it is to shut down Westboro Baptist church and also shut down their website once and for All!

  2. The westboro babtist is not a “church”, it is a hate group. They are in it for the money and the press. Most of the members of this “church” are attorneys, so they get away with this. Any one can say they are a “church”, that is not going to make you a Church! We in this country let a lot pass for “church”. This is not about freedom, it is about being human. The hate is a way to make money, by bringing a Lawsuit against people THEY have provoked. They are running a “church” scam. But, add a bit of crazy on the side just for show.