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Want an explanation for John McCain’s surge in the polls? He’s hit a trifecta in the evangelical derby, says Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Lugo said McCain’s performance at Pastor Rick Warren’s forum at Saddleback, his steering (or rather Phyllis Schafly’s steering) of the […]


  1. The Catholic Bishops are a bunch of theological idiots!! The murdering of over 50 million babies IS the number one issue until abortion is banned!! God help our blind shepherds!!

  2. “56 percent of white evangelicals said in March 2007 that it’s a “bad thing” for mothers with young children to work outside the home. They were the only religious group in which a majority held that view. And yet they love Palin. Go figure.”

    It’s a simple one. In this case, the father will be home with the family.