Anglicans set to consider rival U.S. church

Daniel Burke |

(UNDATED) Conservative Anglicans say they do not expect their new North American church to receive official approval from Anglican archbishops who will convene next week (Feb. 1-5) in Alexandria, Egypt. “We do expect that our situation will be discussed,” said the Rev. Peter Frank, a spokesman for the newly established Anglican Church in North America […]

Bishop Williamson again

Francis X. Rocca |

Seems that Richard Williamson, the Holocaust-denying traditionalist bishop whose excommunicaton Pope Benedict canceled last week, just can’t help himself. On Tuesday, his superior announced that he’d forbidden Williamson from speaking publicly “on political or historical questions.” But the very next morning, an Italian newspaper quoted Williamson insisting: “There is no proof that there were gas […]

China detains 80 Tibetans

AP |

Chinese authorities have begun a security sweep in Tibet ahead of the region’s most sensitive anniversary in years, with state media saying at least 81 people have been detained.

DuBois to lead FBI

That’s faith-based initiative, not Federal Bureau of Investigation (o how Washington loves its acronyms). The New York Times is reporting that Joshua DuBois, who led the faith outreach component of Obama’s campaign, has been tapped to head a revamped version of the White House office.

Survey finds God big in Mississippi, not so much in Vermont

Adelle M. Banks |

WASHINGTON-Want to be almost certain you’ll have religious neighbors? Move to Mississippi. Prefer to be in the least religious state? Venture to Vermont. A new Gallup Poll, based on more than 350,000 interviews, finds that the Magnolia State is the one where the most people-85 percent-say yes when asked “Is religion an important part of […]

COMMENTARY: Do not pass go. Do not recant. Do not apologize.

A. James Rudin |

(UNDATED) Sometimes life imitates art, and sometimes life imitates Monopoly. That’s what happened recently when Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of Richard Williamson, a British-born breakaway bishop. It was as if Williamson received the Vatican version of a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. Do not pass go. Do not recant. Do not apologize. […]

Muslims hopeful but wary about life under Obama

Zoll/AP |

Many American Muslim leaders are eager to help President Barack Obama improve the U.S. image in the Islamic world, but they worry that their contribution might not always be welcome.

Accused priest’s name removed from street

Alicia Robinson / Press-Enterprise |

The signs marking Monsignor Thompson Circle are coming down as an acknowledgement by the Diocese of San Bernardino that “credible allegations” of sexual abuse were made against Thompson.