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While not surprising, the negative reaction of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod to fellow Lutherans in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America proposing to allow non-celibate gay clergy, is significant. With 2.5 million members, the LCMS is the second largest Lutheran denomination in North America (the ELCA has about 4.8 million), but it doesn’t consider […]

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  1. Is it surprising that someone like Gerald Kieschnick is unaware that the Christian community has not had its collection of “Holy Scripture” for 2000 years. It is only about 1600+ years since Athanasius identified (for his North African bishopric) the twenty-seven books that make up the New Testament, and the Hebrew books that were suitable for use in Christian services. Jerome later made that decision more widespread, though still unofficial, with his Vulgate translation into Latin.

    A strong case can be made that Gerald Kieschnick and his cohorts are indulging themselves in a serious misreading of the Scriptures they espose in support of a cultural prejudice that has been operative for a long time. They are not the first to try to sanctify such prejudices or preferences.