Detente ahead at Liberty U?

Officials of Liberty University and the College Democrats club that meets on campus have not yet had a meeting of the minds, but they did have a meeting on Wednesday, the school announced. The school has removed the club from its official list of endorsed clubs, but a new agreement may be in the works. […]

Church of Sweden elects lesbian bishop


UPPSALA, Sweden (RNS/ENI) The newly elected Lutheran bishop of Stockholm says that being a lesbian means she wants to stand alongside people who feel powerless. “I know what it is to be called into question,” the Rev. Eva Brunne said in an article on the Web site of the Church of Sweden after her Tuesday […]

Hayford won’t seek second term as head of Foursquare Church

Adelle M. Banks |

(RNS) The Rev. Jack Hayford, a longtime Pentecostal leader, announced Tuesday (May 26) that he will not seek a second five-year term as president of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. “I am not retiring, nor am I withdrawing my availability and commitment to serve our church family in any way I may be […]

Church leaders disappointed as Obama skips Kenya

Fredrick Nzwili |

NAIROBI (RNS/ENI) Some Kenyan Christian and Muslim leaders see President Obama’s decision to skip his father’s home country during his debut visit to Africa as a statement against poor governance in Kenya. Other Kenyans, meanwhile, have simply expressed regret that their country is not on Obama’s itinerary. “People are angrier with the government than about […]

Celebrity priest’s conversion strains ecumenical ties

Daniel Burke |

(UNDATED) In the nearly 500 years since the Church of England split with the Roman Catholic Church, a fair number of converts have crossed from one church to the other. Still, the path is fraught with stumbling blocks, as the Rev. Alberto Cutie — the most recent, and high-profile convert — discovered on Thursday (May […]


Kavya Shivashankar won the Spelling Bee last night by spelling the proper adjective “Laodicean,” which means lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics. The word derives from the proper noun Laodicean, which refers to early Christians living in an ancient city in Asia Minor called Laodicea, the motto of which, apparently, was “meh.” In the […]

Can you call it opposition if no one’s really opposed?

Kevin Eckstrom |

Jeff Strickler out at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that conservative opposition to Miguel Diaz, the Hispanic theologian nominated as the next U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, is pretty much deflated before it ever got started. Diaz is a relative unknown and has spent much of his career in academia, addressing the Catholic Church’s multicultural strengths […]

Changing times force innovation at Catholic schools

Jeff Diamant |

(UNDATED) Decades ago, when it was time for Catholic schools to enroll students for the new year, principals could fill classrooms without breaking a sweat. All they needed was for the parish priest to print a note in the church bulletin. Times have changed. These days, Catholic families have fewer children, on average. And public […]

`Father OprahâÂ?Â? leaves for Episcopal Church; plans to marry

Daniel Burke |

(UNDATED) The celebrity Miami priest known as “Father Oprah” converted from Catholicism to the Episcopal Church on Thursday (May 28), weeks after pictures surfaced of the cleric canoodling with his girlfriend on a Florida beach. The Rev. Alberto Cutie and his girlfriend were received into the Episcopal Church at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Miami on […]

Hockey as religion? Many Canadians think so.

Ron Csillag |

TORONTO (RNS) May the puck be with you. And also with you. Hockey as religion? Many Canadians wouldn’t argue that their hard-core fandom borders on religious fervor. Even when they don’t bring home the holy grail of the Stanley Cup, storied teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens still attract the faithful. Likening […]