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(RNS) The election of an Episcopal bishop in Michigan who has practiced Buddhist meditation and changed traditional church prayers appears headed for defeat, according to an unofficial tally kept by a newspaper reporter. The Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester was elected bishop of the sparsely populated Diocese of Northern Michigan in February. Under Episcopal Church rules, […]

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  1. The decision of the “Orthodox Authority” in denying the people of the Diocese of Northern Michigan of their choice for bishop is not surprising. Fear of what is being revealed still motivates the needy.

    What attracted me to the Episocpal Church was its welcoming use of one’s God-given (i.e., “Human”) intellect. It seems that the Episcopal Church is now circling the wagons … with blinders not only on the horses but on their riders.

    The Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester is in good company: Today’s “Orthodox Authority” would not elect John Shelby Spong (Retired Bishop of Newark, NJ) either.