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As the new Anglican Church in North America holds its inaugural assembly this week in Bedford, Texas, it’s been getting a lot of media attention. After all, it’s not every day that 100,000 conservative Anglicans try to usurp the centuries-old Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada. But what about those 100,000 members that ACNA […]


  1. Peggy Blanchard

    Would anyone seriously expect to have any entire membership (of a group of more than, say, twenty members) present at any meeting? No wonder numbers connected with publicity are taken with a large grain of salt.

  2. Sven vanBaars

    As a Virginian it pains me to point this out – but looking at the data supporting the Diocese with the highest average Sunday attendance, Texas was the Diocese in 2007 with the highest Sunday number.

  3. In the Christian world view we say one soul is worth the attention. Given the size of the first Church of the Ark I think you have your answer.