No longer Episcopalians, Anglicans launch own church

Robin Galiano Russell |

PLANO, Texas — Conservative Anglicans disenchanted with the liberal drift in their U.S. and Canadian churches say they are confident that a new church body launched this week will one day gain a seat in the worldwide Anglican Communion. The new Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has been organized, its leaders say, as an […]

The Gospel According to 31,173 Americans

Charles Honey |

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Nearly nine months after it hit the road, Zondervan’s hand-written Bible Across America came home Wednesday (June 24) bearing Scripture verses inscribed by 31,173 people. Among them: a little girl who guided her blind sister’s hand; a father who flew from Baltimore to Los Angeles to write in it with his […]

The House on C Street

So Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev) and Gov. Mark Sanford both hang out at “C Street,” a house in Washington apparently owned by The Family, a super-secretive Christian fellowship. This raises an interesting question: What are they doing in there? Shortly after the publication of his book on the Family, journalist Jeff Sharlet told us a […]

Jailhouse Bar Mitzvah

tstanley |

From the Department of News that continues to amuse. A bar mitzvah can never be too big-even when it’s in the big house. A Manhattan inmate held a swanky bar mitzvah for his son in the prison’s gym-a story which the New York Post first reported. More than 60 non-inmates attended the six-hour fete, complete […]

Rubber, meet road

Obama’s White House office has been saying they’ll deal with the religious groups hiring issue when it comes up. Well, it’s come up. Americans United for Separation of Church and State announced yesterday that they’ve asked the Justice Department to review federal grants for 9 faith-based charities that discriminate in hiring — that is, they […]

Scientific search for God leads reporter back to faith

Daniel Burke |

(UNDATED) For more than a year, Barbara Bradley Hagerty was a sleuth on God’s trail, hunting for evidence of the divine as far afield as a Native American tepee, brain scans, and epilepsy clinics. As chronicled in her new book, “Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality,” the award-winning National Public Radio […]

COMMENTARY: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Dick Staub |

(UNDATED) When it comes to patriotic celebrations and the role of religion in America’s founding, views typically range from a nostalgic exaggeration of our Christian roots to an outright (and equally misleading) denial of religion’s role. To find the truth, it might help if we could return to two original founding documents, both of which […]

Liberty offers compromise on student political clubs

Lindsay Perna |

(RNS) Liberty University has decided to detach itself from all campus political clubs that misrepresent the schools’ Christian mission, stripping them of funding, but compromising on regulations. Classifying them as “unofficial clubs,” the conservative Baptist school founded by the late Jerry Falwell adopted new policies to regulate school groups that “are not aligned with Liberty’s […]