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(UNDATED) An Episcopal priest who has practiced Zen meditation and espoused unconventional ideas about Christianity has lost his bid to become a bishop in Michigan, the church announced Monday (July 27). The Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester, who was elected in February to lead the sparsely populated Diocese of Northern Michigan, failed to gain “consent,” or […]


  1. Rev. Mark Hoelter

    Too little information in the story, and every group has the right to determine who is in and who is out, else it’s not a group. But when I consider the supercessionist, syncretistic inclusions of other religions that now make up Western Christianity (the idea of resurrection as usually propounded, rituals that now are parts of Easter and Christmas traditions, the reduction of Jewish mikvah to baptismal fonts, various “paganisms”), I wonder if this decisions just just results from ignorance and lack of study of history. That said, may all be blessed, and the rejected bishop’s response is worthy of study and emulation.

  2. Rev. Hoelter,

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