Author worries online communities are hurting real ones

Nancy Haught |

PORTLAND, Ore. (RNS) When it comes to Facebook, Jesse Rice sees an immensely popular social networking site that’s great for sharing photos and keeping in touch with friends. He also sees something that encourages attitudes and behaviors that don’t work as well in real life. Rice, 37, is the author of “The Church of Facebook: […]

As future looks uncertain, exhibit celebrates nuns’ colorful past

Daniel Burke |

WASHINGTON (RNS) Ever since the first Catholic nuns set out for America nearly 300 years ago, their sisterhood has been besieged by pirates, attacked by Nativists, bullied by lumberjacks, swarmed by mosquitoes, harangued by bishops, robbed by bandits, hemmed in by black habits and laden with headgear the size of small birds. As a new […]

COMMENTARY: Four films you might not see—but should

Dick Staub |

PARK CITY, Utah (RNS) The Sundance Film Festival facilitates epiphanies. I know because I’ve been here only one day and I can already feel, in the words of Carole King, the earth move under my feet and the sky tumbling down, all because of four simple little student films. An epiphany is a sort of […]

Thursday’s roundup

Kevin Eckstrom |

Friends of Scott Roeder (left), the anti-abortion militant accused of killing abortionist George Tiller last year, say he’s eager and anxious to tell his side of the story in court today. In Colorado, a man facing drug charges is eager and anxious to get high again — all in the name of God, he says. […]

Church of England loses $78 million in N.Y. real estate deal

Daniel Burke |

(RNS) The Church of England will lose about $78 million in a New York real estate investment gone sour, according to Episcopal News Service. The Anglican church’s investment was part of a record-setting $5.4 billion deal put together in 2006 by two New York-based firms to buy two massive apartment complexes in Manhattan. After defaulting […]

Custodian indicted in stabbing death of priest

Jim Lockwood |

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (RNS) A former custodian of St. Patrick Church in Chatham, N.J., was indicted Tuesday (Jan. 26) on charges of murdering the parish priest last October by stabbing him repeatedly with a knife. Jose Feliciano, 64, of Easton, Pa., is accused of killing the Rev. Edward Hinds, 61, in the parish rectory on Oct. […]

Child-welfare worker disputes parents’ faith-healing claims

Steve Mayes and Nicole Dungca |

OREGON CITY, Ore. (RNS) A state child-welfare worker has denied he told two parents accused in the faith-healing death of their 16-year-old son the boy had the right to refuse medical care. Jeffrey and Marci Beagley, charged with criminally negligent homicide in the death of their son, Neil, have based part of their defense on […]

SIDEBAR: Excerpts from Gayle Haggard’s `Why I Stayed’

(RNS) Excerpts from “Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made in My Darkest Hour” by Gayle Haggard: “I believed Ted had been honest with me, and our physical relationship certainly didn’t indicate that homosexuality was even a possibility. Our sexual relationship had always been strong and satisfying, and I didn’t believe for one instant that […]

Wednesday’s roundup

Fifty-six national faith groups and dozens of regionall religious organizations have signed a letter to Congress asking them to “take heart and move meaningful health care reform forward.” The U.S. Catholic Bishops, who did not sign the document, put out their own strongly worded statement, declaring that the “health care debate, with all its political […]

10 minutes with … Andrea Strongwater

Nicole Neroulias |

(RNS) Six million Jews perished during the Holocaust, a tragedy mourned every Jan. 27 on International Holocaust Remembrance Day and during the Jewish observance of Yom HaShoah, which falls on April 12 this year. But for Andrea Strongwater, 60, a Polish-American Jew whose grandfather tried to save Jews during World War II, the devastating death […]