Post-earthquake faith

Since the massive earthquake hit Haiti in January, there has been an outpouring of relief efforts. But Florida Baptist Witness reports that there has also been an unusual number of conversions _ in the tens of thousands. The newspaper reports that more than 40,000 Haitians have made professions of Christian faith since the earthquake. Dennis […]

Starr: An active churchgoer?

As Baptists continue to comment on the selection of former prosecutor Kenneth Starr as Baylor University’s new president, ethicist Robert Parham has questioned university regents’ description of him as an “active churchman.” Parham’s confirmed that Starr currently attends University Church of Christ in Malibu, Calif., but is not a member. Other media reports have […]

Famed evangelist says wife has `no biblical grounds’ for divorce

Adelle M. Banks |

(RNS) Famed television evangelist Benny Hinn has written a letter to his supporters saying his wife has “no biblical grounds” for filing for divorce. “My wife has no biblical grounds for what she has done,” the Pentecostal leader wrote in a letter posted on the Web site of his Texas-based Benny Hinn Ministries. “We both […]

German bishops `ashamed’ over abuse allegations

Niels Sorrells |

BERLIN (RNS) German Catholic bishops expressed shame and shock Thursday (Feb. 25) over a sexual abuse scandal that has grown to as many as 150 separate allegations of abuse across several decades at multiple Catholic institutions. The bishops’ statement was released as prosecutors in Munich and Bonn launched their own investigations into alleged abuse at […]

Under new rules, Mo. church with gay pastor readmitted to ELCA

Daniel Burke |

(RNS) A Missouri bishop has lifted the public censure of a church that hired a lesbian priest in 2000 — believed to be a first since the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination removed a ban on gay clergy last summer. Bishop Gerald Mansholt of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America lifted the public censure and admonition […]

From inside a doublewide, a shot at the Prosperity Gospel

Roy Hoffman |

(RNS) Forty years ago, in the bedroom of a single-wide trailer in Columbus, Ga., 13-year old Karen Spears — now Karen Spears Zacharias — knelt in despair and beseeched God to come into her life. Young Karen had suffered a terrible tragedy: Her soldier father, David Spears, had been killed in Vietnam when she was […]

Friday’s roundup

Kevin Eckstrom |

Members of the Secular Coalition for America will get their long-awaited sit-down with members of the Obama administration today; POTUS is not expected to attend. Speaking of POTUS, he and FLOTUS honored luminaries in the arts and humanities at 1,600 yesterday; Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel seems to be the only “religious” name on the list […]

Fast for Lent

Francis X. Rocca |

A Catholic priest in Ireland has boosted daily Mass attendance this Lenten season by pledging to get worshippers out the door in 15 minutes flat.

Signs from God

The Toronto Star has a cute little piece on church signs; you know, the ones outside churches and other houses of worship that tell you when the services start and sometimes even impart pithy little pieces of theology. For example: Feeling a little down in the mouth? Come in for faith lift. or, Want to […]

European court censures Turkey over religious identification

Jonathan Luxmoore |

WARSAW (RNS/ENI) A European human rights court has condemned Turkey for requiring citizens to specify their religious status on national identity cards. “This is in breach of the state’s duty of neutrality and impartiality, since it leads the State to make an assessment of the applicant’s faith,” the European Court of Human Rights said in […]