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(RNS) Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow won’t be on the Super Bowl field in Miami this Sunday (Feb. 7), but his expected prime-time anti-abortion ad is keeping him in the spotlight, and raising questions about the sometimes awkward balancing act between religion and sports. “He has become sort of the epitome or exemplar of the […]


  1. Why does this story always refer to the issue as “anti-abortion”? That certainly expresses the issue in a negative way. Why not balance it with a some “pro-life” references? I think Tim Tebow would express it that way. His mother’s choice was one that was pro-life.

  2. Jim,
    You make a fair point. RNS style is not to use the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” because they are loaded terms. The best (altho not perfect) alternative we’ve been able to come up with is “anti-abortion” and “abortion rights.” There is absolutely no particular political or ideological motivation behind our use of the terms “anti-abortion” and “abortion rights.” Thanks for asking.

    Kevin Eckstrom / Editor / RNS