Polygamy show features a lot of wives but little faith

Kimberly Winston |

(RNS) For a show that centers around a family in which polygamy is an article of faith, there’s very little religion in TLC’s new reality show, “Sister Wives.” But there were enough wives to pique the interest of Utah authorities, who are investigating felony charges of bigamy. The show, which premiered Sunday (Sept. 26), follows […]

Catholics face vocal `mutiny’ over teachings on gay marriage

Daniel Burke |

WASHINGTON (RNS) For 13 years, the Rev. Joseph Palacios lived, prayed, and studied with the Jesuits. But he left the Roman Catholic order in 2005 because he would not profess a vow of obedience to the pope. “I felt that I could still be a Catholic priest,” Palacios said, “but I could not deal with […]

COMMENTARY: A life well-lived

A. James Rudin |

(RNS) Which Brooklyn-born woman celebrated her 99th birthday this month (Sept. 30) by promoting a new documentary film about her career as a journalist, award-winning author of 20 books, celebrated photographer and a global humanitarian? It’s the same woman who, in 1931 at age 20, graduated with a doctorate from the University of Cologne, making […]

Thursday’s roundup

Kevin Eckstrom |

At the risk of devolving into a crazy cat-lady blog, yesterday we mourned the retirement of Catherine of Tarragon, the official house cat of Washington National Cathedral. Today we introduce you to her successor, Carmina (photo, left), who takes the reins this Sunday. And yes, she was named after the opera. The developer behind the […]

Buddhist Bhutan bans clergy from voting in elections

Vishal Arora |

(RNS) Officials in Buddhist-majority Bhutan have barred Hindu and Buddhist clergy from voting in upcoming elections in order to keep a clear distinction between religion and politics. The landlocked Himalayan nation considers Mahayana Buddhism the state religion and funds a large monastic community, but also requires religion to be above politics. The country’s regulatory authority […]

Lord Jesus Christ booted from library for bad behavior

Patrick Johnson / The Republican |

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (RNS) Lord Jesus Christ has been booted from the library for recurring bad behavior. Lord Jesus Christ, a 50-year-old transgender woman who had his name legally changed after a revelation from God, received an order on Sept. 8 from the Clapp Memorial Library Board of Trustees, warning of criminal charges if she appears […]

EEOC charges auto store with harassing Sikh employee

Whitney Jones |

WASHINGTON (RNS) AutoZone harassed a Sikh employee for wearing a turban and eventually fired him, according to a lawsuit announced Tuesday (Sept. 28) by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission. The suit said employee Frank Mahoney-Burroughs was treated like any other employee at the store in Everett, Mass., until he converted to Sikhism. “For years, our […]

Buzz builds around new unofficial saint of abuse victims, whistle-blowers

Francis X. Rocca |

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Mother Mary MacKillop won’t be canonized until Oct. 17, but some Catholics already have an unofficial title for the 19th-century Australian nun: Patron Saint of Whistle-blowers. MacKillop (1842-1909), Australia’s first native-born saint, was co-founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, an order of nuns dedicated to the religious […]