U.S. Muslim population to double in 20 years

Omar Sacirbey |

(RNS) The U.S. Muslim population is expected to double over the next 20 years, fueled by immigration and higher-than-average fertility rates, according to a new report released Thursday (Jan. 27). The authors of the report, “The Future of the Global Muslim Population” from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, said fears of a […]

Thursday’s Religion News Roundup

Kevin Eckstrom |

Muslims around the world are expected to grow at twice the rate of other groups over the next 20 years before leveling off, a new Pew report says; in the U.S., they’re expected to meet rough parity with Jews by 2030. The U.K. has new numbers that say fewer than 1/3 of Christians actively practice […]

Jewish patrol group creates tensions with blacks in Baltimore

Daniel Burke |

BALTIMORE (RNS) When Pauline Watson felt threatened by teenagers loitering outside her condominium in this city’s Park Heights neighborhood, she didn’t call the police. She called Shomrim. “We were scared, OK?” said the 65-year-old African-American, adding that most tenants in her building are elderly. Police in this crime-ridden city have their hands full with more […]

COMMENTARY: A wake-up call from the Middle East

A. James Rudin |

(RNS) For too long, too few people have been willing to openly discuss the persecution and killing of Christians in the Middle East and Africa by Islamic extremists. Spineless apologists for radical Islamic groups in the U.S. and Europe ignored, or even excused the growing number of lethal assaults. Their answer too often is that […]

Judge upholds law preventing guns in churches

Adelle M. Banks |

(RNS) A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by gun rights advocates who claimed a Georgia law prohibiting weapons in a house of worship was unconstitutional. GeorgiaCarry.org, an organization that supports gun owners’ rights, and two of its members filed suit against state officials saying the law placed an undue burden on them. “The law […]

Minister offers comfort, calm in disasters’ ‘shadowy places’

Tim Townsend |

KIRKWOOD, Mo. (RNS) Three years after a gunman opened fire and killed six people at a Kirkwood City Council meeting, the Rev. David Holyan found himself in Tucson, Ariz. Holyan, 46, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, has become an accidental expert in what the Presbyterian Church (USA) calls “human-caused disaster” response. More precisely, […]

Many genocides to be commemorated on Holocaust Memorial Day

Trevor Grundy |

CANTERBURY, England (RNS/ENInews) After the Nazi slaughter of 6 million Jews during World War II, the world cried out “never again.” But one of Britain’s best-known young rabbis, Jonathan Romain, said the phrase has proved tragically wrong. “Genocide has happened again and again and again,” he told ENInews ahead of Thursday’s (Jan. 27) Holocaust Memorial […]

10 minutes with … David Thompson

G. Jeffrey MacDonald |

(RNS) Some 2 million Americans have served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. Now, thousands are coming home each month and trying, sometimes with difficulty, to settle back into civilian life. Churches are uniquely positioned to help returning veterans adjust and find meaning in their lives away from the battlefront, according to David A. […]

Windows from closed church find new life among the dead

Rohan Mascarenhas |

NEWARK, N.J. (RNS) Crouched on a scaffold, Ray Clagnan gingerly tapped his hammer near Saint James’ feet, hoping to set them free. Clagnan, a stained-glass expert, worked slowly, pane by pane. Soon, he moved to Mary Magdalene, carrying away her resplendent image in four pieces. During a break, he marveled at the level of skill […]

COMMENTARY: Suffer the children

Cathleen Falsani |

(RNS) The Parents Television Council has asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate whether “Skins,” an MTV remake of an award-winning British drama about high school kids, constitutes child pornography for its use of underage actors in highly sexualized scenarios. I’m no fan of censorship, and the PTC historically has veered into histrionic territory with […]