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(RNS) Get ready for more undernourished infants, dangerously cold homes and disease-stricken communities in developing countries if proposed federal budget cuts become law. That’s the message coming from religious advocacy groups, who’ve been rallying supporters and blanketing Capitol Hill since budget debates kicked into high gear last week (Feb. 14-18). Declaring budgets to be “moral […]

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  1. It is a misconception to believe government has a real concern for people. Look beyond the United States and perhaps objective will be visible. Governments will be observed as oppressors of their people. The rare occasion of a government with a concern for their citizens is a government that allows the people to retain that for which they have worked.

    Governments have repeatedly touted concern for their citizens, a socialist agenda, as a method to consolidate power in the seat of government. Marx expounded greatly on the methods to centralize power but never formulated any method to share the booty with the people.

    Budget cuts hurt the poor ?? It is taxation and deficit spending that steal from the citizens. Deficit spending gave $8.4 trillion to Wall Street last year. Ref. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE, or . But so few people see the evil of the Fed.