Supreme Court rejects 10 Commandments case

Richard Yeakley |

WASHINGTON(RNS) The Supreme Court on Tuesday (Feb. 22) chose not to reexamine its decision to strike down displays of the Ten Commandments in two Kentucky courthouses. The high court ruled in 2005 that the Ten Commandments displays outside two county courthouses violated the Constitution’s Fist Amendment. After that ruling, the counties attempted to revise and […]

Judge rejects Christians’ health care suit

Richard Yeakley |

(RNS) A federal judge on Tuesday (Feb. 22) dismissed a lawsuit filed by Christians who argue that President Obama’s health care overhaul violates their religious freedom. The Christians said they believe that God will heal them from disease and that the requirement to purchase health insurance in the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act […]

Christian movie draws a (political) crowd

Jeff Cranson |

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.(RNS) Mixing science and religion seems a good recipe for on-screen fireworks. Add politics and things will erupt off the screen, too. “The Genesis Code,” a film about college students trying to reconcile creationism and evolution, has been drawing local and national politicians to the movie theater. The film, which was shot here, […]

Zondervan CEO leaving Christian publisher

Shandra Martinez |

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (RNS) Zondervan CEO Maureen “Moe” Girkins will step down March 11, the Grand Rapids-area publisher has announced. A search for a new CEO will begin immediately, according to a statement released by the company. The company declined to comment on the reason for Girkins’ departure, which was announced last Thursday (Feb. 17). […]

Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup

Was the California couple killed by Somali pirates on Tuesday motivated by a love of sailing, or missionaries fired by faith? No reason Jean and Scott Adam couldn’t be both, I guess, but it’s interesting to see how differently the AP and LA Times treat the deceased couple’s beliefs in these two stories. The AP […]

Religious voices enter Wisconsin union debate

Nicole Neroulias |

(RNS) The pro-union rallies in Wisconsin have a retro feel to them — particularly for people of faith. Clergy and faith-based groups were historically on the front lines of the American labor movement, but priorities shifted with the rise of the religious right and the weakening of unions. In the Wisconsin protests over the governor’s […]

Budget cuts target the poor, faith groups say

G. Jeffrey MacDonald |

(RNS) Get ready for more undernourished infants, dangerously cold homes and disease-stricken communities in developing countries if proposed federal budget cuts become law. That’s the message coming from religious advocacy groups, who’ve been rallying supporters and blanketing Capitol Hill since budget debates kicked into high gear last week (Feb. 14-18). Declaring budgets to be “moral […]

Religious groups fight for tax deductions

Richard Yeakley |

(RNS) For the third time in three years President Obama’s proposed budget will attempt to reduce tax deductions for high-end charitable donors, and for the third time nonprofits and religious organizations are pushing back. Many religious nonprofits, which supplement their budgets heavily with donations from wealthy donors, are concerned that reducing the tax write-offs for […]

Christians concerned about conscience clause

Adelle M. Banks |

WASHINGTON (RNS) Catholic bishops and Christian medical groups are “disappointed” that the Obama administration has rescinded Bush-era conscience clauses for health care workers. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Friday (Feb. 18) issued its new guidelines, which govern medical staffers who object to procedures for religious or moral reasons. The department said […]

Suit accuses televangelist of breaking moral clause

Adelle M. Banks |

(RNS) Christian publisher Strang Communications has sued evangelist Benny Hinn, claiming he violated a moral clause in a book agreement and owes the company more than $250,000. “Strang discovered that Mr. Hinn was engaged in a public, romantic and otherwise inappropriate relationship with another high-profile minister, who was divorced,” according to the suit, filed Feb. […]