`Simple churches’ find a foothold across U.S.

Cathy Lynn Grossman |

(RNS) This weekend, Jeanne O’Hair, her friends and family will raise their voices in Easter hymns “as the spirit leads us,” she says, in her “house church” — O’Hair’s living room in Brea, Calif. In a metal outbuilding at a shuttered horse track near San Antonio, Jeff Bishop says he will celebrate at his “simple […]

Friday’s Religion News Roundup

Best wishes for a Good Friday to our Christian friends and a happy Earth Day to our eco-conscious friends, including our eco-conscious Christian friends. CNN attends a blasphemy trial for Jesus in Richmond, Va., which was intended to call attention to the state’s death penalty system. At least 24 Filipino men were nailed to crosses […]

Supreme Court limits prisoners’ right to sue

Daniel Burke |

WASHINGTON (RNS) Prison inmates who are deprived of their religious rights cannot sue states for monetary damages, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday (April 20). Inmate Harvey Leroy Sossamon III said a Texas state prison illegally prevented him from attending religious services. Sossamon had been on cell restriction for disciplinary reasons at the time. Sossamon […]

Just how long did Jesus stay in the tomb?

Daniel Burke |

Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose from the dead on “the third day,” in the words of the ancient Nicene Creed. But if Jesus died at 3 p.m. Friday and vacated his tomb by dawn Sunday morning — about 40 hours later — how does that make three days?

Thursday’s Religion News Roundup

A Jehovah’s Witness in Kansas is suing the state to pay for a “bloodless” liver transplant because JW’s won’t allow the blood transfusions involved in a state-funded Medicaid liver transplant. USA Today says many U.S. Christians will be celebrating a “simple Easter” this year, many of them beyond the four walls of a church. The […]

Mormon men delaying the walk down the aisle

Peggy Fletcher Stack |

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) John Evans is in no hurry to get married. The 25-year-old returned LDS missionary lives with his parents, works full time, takes night classes toward an English degree and, with law school looming, is building up his savings. Evans goes on dates, but they tend to be expensive so he prefers […]

Scholar challenges Thursday date of Last Supper

Al Webb |

LONDON (RNS) A top British scientist claims his biblical, historical and astronomical research shows Christians have been observing Jesus’ Last Supper on the wrong day of the week. Cambridge University Professor Colin Humphreys says Jesus’ final meal with his disciples actually was eaten on the Wednesday before the Crucifixion — one day earlier than has […]

Study: Congregations Slowly Recovering From Recession

Nicole Neroulias |

(RNS) The recession was a double-barrel blow to American congregations: directly hurting their budgets while also stretching them thin due to increased needs for counseling, emergency housing and other social services. But the worst seems to be over, according to a report released Thursday (April 21) that found that one in 10 have begun to […]

Poll: Americans see clash between values of Christianity, capitalism

Nicole Neroulias |

(RNS) Are Christianity and capitalism a marriage made in heaven, as some conservatives believe, or more of a strained relationship in need of some serious couples’ counseling? A new poll released Thursday (April 21) found that more Americans (44 percent) see the free market system at odds with Christian values than those who don’t (36 […]